Blaise’s Pop Up Shop Bakery

I officially announced my “Pop Up Shop” bakery today!

What exactly is a “Pop Up Shop” Bakery? It’s a bakery that just POPS UP and takes requests (orders, etc.) for a short amount of time. This is announced usually through social media. Once the short “Pop Up” time window is closed – no more orders will be accepted and you’ll not know when the bakery will “Pop Up” again. The bakery could “Pop Up” and start taking requests (orders) the next week, the next month, or anytime. You just have to keep watch…

I absolutely love this concept and will try it out and see where it goes!

How will you know when the “Pop Up Shop” pops up? Connect with me on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and also follow me by email here on my blog. All “Pop Up Shop” announcements will be made public on those formats.



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