Recipe Testers Wanted

Cookbooking UPDATE!!!

I am coming to a close on “taste testing” and developing recipes and switching more into writing mode. At this point, my mind is so full of recipes and ideas, that I could write TEN cookbooks…but I need to draw the line and STOP for now and focus on moving forward. (My ever growing food notes and recipes are still filling notebook after notebook – so I AM planning on more cookbooks…at least subconsciously).

What I am looking for now are people willing to RECIPE TEST for me. What this means is – if you are interested you will message me your email address. I will send you a recipe (sweet or savory – it is up to you) and you will physically MAKE the recipe yourself. You will follow my recipe completely and make notes on what you think needs to be changed or what you may be confused about. Then you will email me back and let me know your findings. If you can take pictures of the finished dish and send me – GREAT! But this step is NOT required. The honor system is a MUST and will be used.

I am more than confident that my recipes are “foolproof” (I have had a few friends recipe testing and doing this step with me for several months now) so I believe to have all the kinks worked out. BUT – I would like a new and fresh perspective on my recipes.

(Please understand that only a limited number of people will be selected randomly. Interested applicants have from now until July 31st to apply. The recipe testers will be contacted via email and instructions will follow.)

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in becoming a “Recipe Tester” please email me by July 31st! I look forward to hearing from you!

Email me here –


UPDATE: Deadline is closed and potential recipe testers have been contacted. Thanks to everyone for their interest and support with this project! I look forward to the future…


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