National Cheesecake Day

Happy National Cheesecake Day! (well yesterday was… I’m late)

I wasn’t going to post anything (I have a few cheesecake recipes that will appear in my cookbook) but didn’t really have a recipe to share here on my blog…until now!

I was browsing Facebook late last night, and found a post that combined two of my all time favorite things – cheesecake and “The Golden Girls”!

Are you familiar with the show? It’s hilarious and easily one of my favorite shows ever (I’ve seen every episode at least 100 times) and I highly recommend you search your DVR now – or YouTube! You’ll thank me later…

The post and recipe is written by Tori Avey (from her website of the same name) and I can’t wait to make it! How bad can a cheesecake be named the “Double Fudge Amaretto Ricotta Cheesecake”!? I know – mouthwatering!

Check out the recipe and blog post here – and enjoy!



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