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Today’s edition of “Cookbook Corner” has been replaced with a special “Blog Tour” posting. Enjoy!

“I don’t believe you can ever really cook unless you love eating.”
― Nigella Lawson

(Favorite Quote)

My good friend Jenny Hartin included me in her “Blog Tour” last Sunday (see link here – and I am returning the favor, and keeping the blog ball rolling by posting my own “Blog Tour”! Here we GO…

First up… A little bit about myself…

I first started cooking (and baking) in the kitchens of my mom and grandma when I was only seven years old. I quickly became interested in the techniques and stories behind each recipe, and still remember trying to connect the recipes with family memories and family history. I always asked my mom and grandma who the recipe came from that they were using (if not their own) and would always try and find out “more” about each recipe and how and why whoever wrote it, wrote it the way that they did.

Why would someone use brown sugar instead of white sugar? Why would someone use cornstarch while others would use tapioca? Questions like this always floated around my mind – and still do. I am (I admit) a compulsive recipe researcher as well as a compulsive cookbook reader (I have thousands).

My love of food has followed me all my life. Through high school, when my Home Economics teacher asked me to make my “Pumpkin Pie Crunch Cake” for not only the Teacher’s Holiday Luncheon, but requested a couple to serve at her own family Holiday. Even in college, I would make and deliver goodies to my professors that happened to be on campus the same days that I were.

Several years later, I discovered a passion for food writing and started writing privately about my experiences with food. Soon after, I started writing and developing recipes and taking pictures to go along with each finished dish. It was something that I not only loved, but something that quickly became a form of relaxation and happiness.

I would develop and test recipes with my mom, Darla, and my grandma, Barbra, and there were a lot of good family memories (and recipes) discovered throughout the process. I credit both of them for my extensive love of cooking, baking, eating and wanting to feed the people that I love.

I started publicly sharing some of my food recipes and writings on social media in June 2013 and the encouragement and support was overwhelming. Soon after, I thought about starting an actual food blog for people to read and become a place for me to really start to share my passion with other people.

“Blaise the Baker” officially opened on Valentine’s Day 2014 with only a handful of subscribers. Skip ahead just five months, and “Blaise the Baker” has thousands of subscribers and offers not only recipes, but cookbook reviews, food tips, and a “Ask Blaise the Baker” feature where people write in their food questions to get an answer directly from me within minutes! I have been overwhelmed and thankful for the support to say the very least. It means the World to me to know that my love and passion for food is being shared with those who have and share the same interests.

I am in the finishing stages of typing and formatting my cookbook and putting together book proposals to send to interested publishers and I can’t wait to see my family memories and recipes in print!

I still can’t believe the roller coaster ride that I’ve been on in the past two years. Moving forward, I hope to continue and expand my blog in many ways. I’m planning on interviewing professional chefs (and bakers), starting an “international food and flavor” feature, a “Pop Up Shop” bakery, as well as a YouTube channel where I share recipes and put together “how-to” segments for people to watch.

Ultimately I really hope to continue this journey doing what I love – food writing, recipe developing and sharing my love for food with the people who share the same passion.

Email me your food related questions here –

My Featured Favorite Bloggers…

“Mad Rantings of Andrew’s Mom” is written and powered by my friend Jenny Hartin. I’ve gotten to know her through Facebook, and I’m so lucky to have her in my life. She’s really a “Superwoman”! Her blog is described as “the joys and struggles of autism with recipes, cooking and baking thrown in for good measure.” Check it out here…

She’s also the Leader, Organizer and Developer of “The Cookbook Junkies” on Facebook – a place where cookbook lovers (as well as food and recipe lovers) get together and talk about cookbooks, recipes and form bonds over food. Check the group out here…

“An American Girl” is the creation of my dear friend Shelby Irwin! She has blogged on and off for several years now, and just recently gave her blog a “facelift” and it has never been better! She writes about food, fashion, tips and tricks of all kinds, and is currently writing about her experience moving to Montana! I highly recommend following this blog for great stories, beautiful pictures, recipes and advice! Check it out here…

“Bakerella” is the genius creation of Angie Dudley. Ever heard of “Cake Pops”? Yep – she is the inventor (or at least I would like to think so). I’ve followed her blog from the very beginning and have been a fan since day one. Her blog has amazing photographs and recipes for all things sweet! Check it out here…

“Baking by Design” by Chris Falman was one of the very first “dessert” blogs that I found and started following. I have been a loyal follower since the first time I clicked on his blog, and have followed every since – even on Twitter and Instagram. We share so many things in common (love for Nigella Lawson and Ina Garten to just name one) and I really find him fascinating. He has followed his dreams and I admire that. Check him out here…

Have a blog? Let’s continue the “Blog Tour” and use this post as your starting point!



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