Cookbooking and Column Update

I have been getting a LOT of messages and emails about a few things so I thought I would do a little “update” for everyone!

First up – my “CHEW THIS!” column is featured in “The Courier-Times” on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month. I think there was some confusion on this. This month has 5 Sundays, so my next column will run Sunday September 7th! (I will be sure to remind everyone! )

To check out my first column please click here –

Also – my cookbook is coming along GREAT! My “Recipe Testing” was a huge success (thanks again to all who participated) and things are moving along. Book proposals are being worked on for submission and the typing and editing work begins… For those asking about a release date, price, etc. this is all TBA.

AND keep those food questions coming by sending them to my food email –

I LOVE answering any question you may have! (Eventually I hope to open a “Q&A” section on my blog with some of the best questions along with my answers.) Thanks again for all the support! I’m so excited about all of this!!!

Happy Sunday!



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