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“Miss Vickie’s Kitchen” By: Vickie Kerr

I was given this cookbook by my friend Jenny and I couldn’t have been more thrilled! I was so excited to get this book, and it’s lived up to my expectations!

Miss Vickie is the creator of “Miss Vickie’s Potato Chips” – which I love – so if her name looks and sounds familiar…that is why.

The cookbook is FILLED with family history, memories and “screenshots” from the past – which I absolutely love! I love cookbooks that have back history (and meaning) to them. I love hearing how the cookbook was “born” and what its inspiration was. Miss Vickie takes her readers behind the scenes of her business and it’s a fascinating look…

This is her first cookbook and it’s gorgeous! The pictures in this book, almost one for each recipe, take up a WHOLE page and I love it! It’s really worth the price of the book just for the photos! But…let’s be real here for just a minute…the recipes are AMAZING too! Read on…

The book is divided up into 6 main categories. They are…

Appetizers – I tried the “Artichoke Spinach Dip” (page 5) and it was probably one of the best versions of this I’ve ever had. It wasn’t too rich or too heavy – it was just right. I used this recipe alongside my recipe for my homemade tortilla chips (in my cookbook that’s in the works) and it was beyond delicious! As soon as you get this book, turn to page 5 and make this recipe FIRST!

Salads and Sides – I tried the “Egg Salad” (page 17) and it was really good! I’m always interested in seeing how different recipes differ for this dish, and this one was a delicious “staple” version of the original. Also included in this chapter is “Vickie’s Tuna Salad” (page 21), “Boiled New Potatoes with Butter” (page 24), “Vickie’s Potato Chips” (page 31 and next on my list to try), among others.

Soups, Stews, and Casseroles – The homemade “Chicken Stock” (page 40) looks delicious (I’ve marked it to try) as well as the “French Onion Soup” (page 42). Also included is her “Shepherd’s Pie” (page 50), and “Macaroni and Beef Casserole” (page 52). There are other delicious looking recipes that I’ll come back and revisit this winter.

Meat and Seafood – Included in this chapter is Miss Vickie’s “Meatloaf” (page 56), “Prime Rib au Jus” (page 60), “Roast Chicken and Gravy” (page 66) and “Shrimp Tacos” (page 73), among a few others.

Desserts and Baking – This was (of course) my favorite category! I marked a TON of recipes to try – a few of which being… “Apple Crisp” (page 79), “Granddad’s Cookies” (page 84), “Flourless Chocolate Cake” (page 90), “Banana Muffins” (page 101), “Lemon Meringue Pie” (page 108), and “Lemon Curd Tarts” (page 111). So many amazingly delicious photos in this chapter too!

Preserving and Pickling – This had recipes like “Freezer Jam” (page 116), “Rhubarb Sauce” (page 118) and “Garlic Dill Pickles” (page 121), among others that looked good. I have page 119 marked for next years corn season.

All in all, this book contained not only delicious (and HUGE) photographs, but just as delicious recipes – that (so far) have been HUGE in flavor.

I was really impressed with Miss Vickie’s first cookbook, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from her.

To order Miss Vickie’s cookbook, browse her recipes, YouTube videos, blog and MORE, please click here…

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