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“Eat” By: Nigel Slater

I’m a huge fan of Nigel Slater (with thanks to Nigella Lawson’s recommendation) and I have to say that “Eat”, his newest, book doesn’t disappoint. It’s an amazing collection of stories and recipes that I just can’t put down! I read through this book like a novel – and would recommend you doing the same.

To start with, the book is made up of some kind of cloth – that looks and feels amazing! Believe me – you will want to just sit and hold (and read) this book.

“Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food” covers a wide variety of tastes and textures, and that is something that I love! I love combinations of sweet and salty, crunchy and soft – and several of the recipes mold to this. None of the recipes in this book are “advanced” in technique – or taste…and I appreciate that.

I LOVE Nigel’s introduction to the book. There’s a line that reads “But sometimes, we just want to eat”. After reading the introduction, and this brilliant line – you will immediately know the “use” of this book.

Getting started with “In The Hand”, “Chorizo Burgers” (page 13) not only look amazing – but they sound amazing! Chorizo, ground pork, ciabatta buns, and salad greens. I LOVE Nigel’s way of writing “notes” and “descriptions” along the way with each recipe. I find that his “wordiness” is something that I love even more…

“The Bagel” (page 17) looks amazing – and contains mascarpone, balsamic vinegar and raisins. How delicious does that sound? It inspired me to make my own “version” of this using cream cheese, a little honey, golden raisins and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Sound crazy?! Yes! Crazy GOOD! Ha! 😉

The “Tomato Caesar Bruschetta” (page 21) is described, at the end, as being “Crisp, sweet, luscious.” And the picture and recipe go along with this description. I have this marked to try right away…

“Chicken, Asparagus, and Avocado Sandwich” found on page 27 is delicious! I tried this for lunch, and was presently surprised by the buttery rich avocado and how well it really paired with the chicken, as well as the asparagus! This one I will be making again! (Nigel also lists it as his favorite sandwich).

Moving on to the section “In A Bowl”, I loved the discussion of “Shrimp Soup” on page 54-55. It gave me some ideas and inspiration for one of my own shrimp dishes that I hope to be sharing with everyone soon.

In the section “In The Frying Pan” I LOVED the “Rice Cakes” on page 83. Literally 4 ingredients – not counting a squeeze of lemon…and it’s amazing! What originally drew me into this recipe (other than the picture and title) was Nigel’s note on this recipe – “Crunch and soft. Melting cheese.” How bad could that be!?

The next section “On The Stove” contains a lot of recipes that look and sound delicious like “Spiced Scrambled Eggs” (page 195), “Shrimp, Linguine, Dill” (page 205), “One-Pan Sunday Lunch” (page 213), and “Risotto” (page 225).

The section “Little Stews” is a section I will be visiting again this winter, as well as the section “In The Oven”. Both sections have deliciously warming recipes.

The next section (maybe my favorite) “Under A Crust” contains recipes for Nigel’s “Quick Chicken Potpie” (page 329), “Crab Mac and Cheese” (page 331), and “Corn Crumb-Crust Pie” (page 333). I think I have this entire section marked to try…

“In A Wok” was a welcome surprise to this book for me. It’s unexpected and in a good way – I loved it! I can’t wait to try the “Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashews and Broccoli” (page 343).

“On A Plate” (the next section) contains recipes that look and sound easy and simple…and deliciously satisfying. Take for instance “Apple, Ginger, and Endive” (page 365). Delicious, easy and simple. What about “Crab, Melon, and Basil Salad” (page 369). I mean – just a few ingredients for a mouthful of exploding flavor!

The last section “Desserts” was incredible also. It contained one of my favorite recipes from the book “Banana Cheesecake” (page 399). Nigel’s recipe for banana cheesecake contains gingersnaps! How genius is this!? Can’t wait to try it…

I highly recommend this cookbook! I’m adding it to my other Nigel favorites!

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The personal views and reviews of this blog are mine and mine alone. Any opinion or thought expressed are strictly my own. I received this book from “Blogging for Books” for this review. More information can be found by emailing me your questions.



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