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“The Girl Who Ate Everything” By: Christy Denney

I found out about Christy Denney through her “The Girl Who Ate Everything” Facebook page. (You can follow here – I immediately fell in love with her delicious photography first, and then her amazing (and easy) recipes after….

After searching her website ( I found out she wrote a cookbook – and couldn’t have been any more excited! I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to dig in! And dig in I did… 😉

I tried several of the recipes (everything turned out beautifully) and highly recommend this book for those who love quick and easy recipes that are full of flavor!

The first recipe that I tried was the “One-Hour Rolls” (page 38) and I’ve been making them ever since! They are so quick and so easy – super delicious! They’ve replaced the old recipe I used to use where it took 5 hours to make homemade rolls. They are not only faster – but better!

One Hour Rolls Blog

Ok – so mine didn’t turn out as beautiful as the ones in the book (please keep the comments KIND) but they were amazing!

One Hour Rolls 2 Blog

BUT you can see by the above picture – they turned out perfect! 😉

The book is divided up six different sections.

Appetizers, Breads / Rolls, Breakfast, Main Dishes, Salads / Sides and Desserts.

The book contains several delicious recipes but some of my favorites (besides the one I mentioned earlier) are “Peanut Butter Cheeseball” (page 24), “Outrageous Banana Bread” (page 44), “Jelly Roll Pancakes” (page 60), “Snickerdoodle Muffins” (page 71), “Nacho Beef Casserole” (page 86), “Pizza Mac” (page 115), “Corn Souffle” (page 154), “Cookie Crusted Chocolate Chip Cake” (page 168), “Sugar Cookie Bars” (page 172), “Chewy Blondies” (page 184) and “Buckeye Dip” (page 190).

Next on my list to try is her “Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cake” (page 188) and I can’t wait! My Grandma is also a big fan of this book – and she doesn’t just endorse any book! Ha! 😉

I highly recommend you check out Christy’s website (link above) and if you like some of the recipes you see – BUY THE BOOK! You will be so glad you did…

To buy “The Girl Who Ate Everything”, please click here…

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