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“The Kitchn Cookbook” By: Sara Kate Gillingham and Faith Durand

This cookbook is really TWO books in one – dare I say THREE books in one?!

It’s a kitchen manual / how-to / design inspiration AND a cookbook loaded with delicious recipes. Not to mention filled with “tips and tricks” that will really help the most advanced chef – down to those just learning the basics of home cooking.

I really love this cookbook and have several recipes marked to try. But first – let’s break the book down in to its different parts.

Part One is called “The Kitchen” and is filled with beautiful photographs of kitchens, kitchen tools, and a “behind the scenes” look at what should be in our pantries. It talks about “Setting up the Kitchen” (page 13), “Tools” (page 41) and “Caring for your Kitchen” (page 69). I had never really seen a cookbook feature things like this before – and it was really a welcome addition. The photographs are beautiful and remind of me the “Selby” series of books and photos.

I really appreciated page 16 and 17 where it talks about the “kitchen triangle” and also helps answer any questions a person may have about getting a new kitchen, what to look for in one, thinking about one, etc. This book really puts me in the mind of a book you would give a newlywed couple after their marriage. A book to really read, look over, make notes in – and think about your potential new kitchen…

I also liked how there are different people “featured” in this section. You get a “feel” for how they live, what they stock their kitchens with, etc. (For the record: I would LOVE a kitchen like the kitchen on page 35). 😉

The chapter on “Tools” (page 41) really interested me because I always love learning and reading about new tools, the tools that people can’t live without and the history behind them. (I’m still new to this “butter crock” thing – how again does that work!?)

“Caring for your Kitchen” (page 69) is filled with useful tips and tricks and even recipes on how to make your own glass cleaner and oven cleaner. I also appreciated the month chart on page 73 where it gives you daily step by step “chores” to “keep a clean kitchen”.

The book continues with Chapter 4 “Stocking the Pantry and Planning Meals”. I wish I could have a lot of my friends and family read this chapter. People are always asking me what they should keep in the pantries, how they can plan ahead meals, etc. This chapter answers all of those questions – and then some! It even talks about refrigerator staples, freezer staples… very interesting.

Starting on page 107 there are “50 Essential Skills” that are talked about in detail. I loved this part of the book. From the simple things (how to boil water, how to thicken a sauce) – to the more complex (how to knead dough, how to whip egg whites and cream) – it covers these techniques beautifully and really gives the at home cook a lot of useful information that will help them tremendously in the kitchen.

Page 129 is where the book starts with its delicious recipes. I’ve marked several to try including “Everyday Granola” (page 139), “Quick Drop Biscuits with Quick Berry Jam” (page 145), “Sticky Lemon Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze” (page 149 and FIRST on my list to try…I mean – how amazing do these sound!?), “Clarified Butter” (page 165 – and something that I’ve been telling people is called “brown butter” which is a totally different thing – my apologies…), “Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken” (page 189), “Easiest Beef Strew” (page 218), “Grilled Caesar Salad” (page 229), “Smashed Potato Salad” (page 236), and the delicious looking “One-Bowl Birthday Butter Cake with Double Chocolate Frosting” (page 250) – all of these recipes have my Post-It flags attached – just waiting for me to dive in.

I also loved the “How to successfully frost a cake” on page 251 because it’s no secret to those who know me – that this is my constant struggle… Ha! 😉

It’s also no secret that I’ve also marked the lemon bars and the brownies to try…not sure why I felt the need to admit this – but there it is…

Anyways, the book ends with “Gathering” and it really wraps it up nicely. It talks about entertaining and makes it relatable to everybody – and I like that.

All in all – this book is an excellent resource of not just recipes, but kitchen tips and tricks. It is also a wonderful resource for kitchen questions and answers…

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The personal views and reviews of this blog are mine and mine alone. Any opinion or thought expressed are strictly my own. I received this book from “Blogging for Books” for this review. More information can be found by emailing me your questions.



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