Change Is Good!

Change Is Good – and things around “Blaise the Baker” are changing for the better…and I couldn’t possibly be any more excited than I am now to share these changes with you!

First – let me start with my mobile site. A LOT of you had been writing in about experiencing problems with my site being viewed on your mobile devices. That is now FIXED and up and running. I apologize for the errors. You can now view this site (as well as my other social media sites) perfectly fine from any mobile device. IF you are STILL experiencing errors – write to me at and I will walk you through any help you might need.

Secondly – you can view my social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and tumblr) through searching for “Blaise the Baker” on ANY of those sites. Also you can find the links to them here along the sidebar of my blog. I will also include the links here…


Please like me, follow me, add me, etc. 😉

Also I would like to introduce a little bit of a “day plan” for my “Blaise the Baker” Facebook page. I’ve had several people ask me questions about baking, cooking, what my favorite cookbooks are, favorite ingredients, etc. AND have commented on how they would like a more “day plan” feel for things – so I’ve set something up…

FOLLOW (or click you “like”) me on Facebook at and this is how we will start off things. If there’s a change – let’s be flexible… but right now it’s looking like the following posts / subjects will be as follows…

SUNDAY – “CHEW THIS / Sunday Recipe”
On Sundays I will post my latest “CHEW THIS” column feature, talk about it and include any pictures I may have of the recipe (“step by step” pictures, etc.) When there’s not a “CHEW THIS” column feature, I will post a “Sunday Recipe” using a recipe off my blog. The “Sunday Recipe” could be an older recipe – or a new one. It just depends.

MONDAY – “Start of the week Survey”
On Mondays I will post a survey for those who want to participate to answer and follow along. It may have to do with a favorite flavor, ingredient, recipe, etc. It could be what you like to have for breakfast, dinner – or favorite snack. Could be asking about what sweet flavor you like the best, etc. Anything that I’m curious about and want to know – I’m going to ask. Feel free to answer and be a part of the group!

TUESDAY – “Ask Blaise the Baker Q&A”
I started an “Ask Blaise the Baker” question and answer service through my email ( awhile back and I love it. The only thing is – some people ask the same questions over and over without realizing I’ve already answered. So – I’ll be posting anonymous questions and answering those questions on Tuesdays. AND I’m ALWAYS accepting questions so email me anytime ( and ask me anything. Baking question, cooking question, favorite movie question, favorite magazine, book, etc. ANYTHING…

WEDNESDAY – “Cookbook Corner”
My “Cookbook Corner” used to be on Sundays awhile back, and since moving it to Wednesdays it has gotten a LOT more of a positive response. I’m not sure why everyone prefers them on Wednesdays – but they do…so that’s where I’m leaving them. Every Wednesday I will feature a “Cookbook Corner”. Most of them will be NEW – but there could be an older one I’ve decided to use for a “Look Back” at one of my favorites. It really just depends…

THURSDAY – “Blaise the Baker Throwback Thursday”
A friend of mine suggested I do a “Blaise the Baker” style “Throwback Thursday” so that’s what inspired this. On Thursdays I will be posting older posts, older recipes, older cookbook reviews, pictures, etc. in a “throwback” style that I think people will appreciate. It will be a fun look back at some of the things I’ve already posted!

FRIDAY – “Favorite Things Friday”
I’ve tried something like this before (by request) and I just didn’t really get into it. I forgot a couple of weeks, and then after that – it just fell by the wayside. I will pick it back up though and post every Friday what my “Favorite Things” are of the moment. Could be a cookbook, an ingredient, a movie, a song, a book, a body care product – anything!

SATURDAY – “Sharing the Love Saturday”
This is a day I’m really excited about! Every Saturday I will “share the love” and feature other blogs and bloggers that I am impressed with, inspired by and really love to follow that I want you all to know. AND if you think I should know a fellow blogger – email me ( and let me know…

SO – what do you all think of the lineup?! PLEASE keep the suggestions coming and let me know! I couldn’t do all of this without you! I appreciate each and every one of you and value your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Drop me a line… Again – my email ( I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 😉

As far as THIS blog – I will continue the “free spirit” and “free flowing” posts that I have done in the past. On the FIRST and THIRD Sundays of each month – I will post about my CHEW THIS column. On Tuesdays I will start to include my “Ask Blaise the Baker Q&A” here so that everyone will get a chance to see them. Wednesdays of course I will still be posting my NEW “Cookbook Corners” and on Fridays I will start posting my “Favorite Things”! Of course my original recipes will be scattered throughout and I’ll be sure to post those as well – both here AND on my other social media platforms.

So – CHANGE is in the air – and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

WHEN does the “change” take effect?!


Thanks again to those of you who help make this possible by supporting me and being there no matter what. I couldn’t do this without you all… xo

Blaise =)

UPDATE: (01/17/2015) Thank you all for your feedback concerning the “changes” on my blog and Facebook page. I’ve listened – and heard you. I want to make this the best experience for all involved – and I will implement the necessary changes. Thanks again…


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