ASK Blaise the Baker 01/13/15

My first “Ask Blaise the Baker Q&A”! 

Currently my top 5 questions are…

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Q: Do you always use unsalted butter in your baking?

A: Yes! Absolutely. It is best to use unsalted butter in baking so that YOU can control the amount of salt in the recipe.

Q: Can I substitute frozen shrimp for fresh in your recipe for “Shrimp Scampi and Angel Hair Pasta”?

A: Yes! Use the same amount called for – but using fresh would be fine.

Q: What condiment could you not live without?

A: Sour cream. It is a pretty close tie between mayonnaise and sour cream – but I will have to say sour cream. I love it in chocolate cakes, a little in chocolate fudge, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, cold salads…

Q: How long does it take for you to develop a recipe?

A: It really depends. Once I have an idea for a recipe I immediately start doing research. It helps me to know the history behind a recipe and the facts about it. Where did it come from? Why does it call for that ingredient instead of this ingredient? Stuff like that. Then I jot down notes (I have notebooks filled with possible recipe ideas and food related notes) for how I want to do the recipe. How do I want it to taste? What am I looking for in the finished dish? Then I hit the kitchen running and try and try and try until it is perfected. Sometimes I get it right away – other times I am still trying a couple weeks in. It is a process but I enjoy it.

Q: Do you use a hand mixer or stand mixer when making your cookies?

A: No – I do not. I really prefer doing things by hand. Do not get me wrong – mixers of all kinds are nice, but I like the physical work of stirring with a wooden spoon. Plus – it helps me get my exercise! Ha!

Have a question for me? Email me at and watch here every Tuesday for more answers.

Thanks for asking!



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