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Happy Wednesday! I’m SO excited to share this cookbook with all of you… Have you heard of the “Cronut”!? I’m assuming you have – unless you’ve been living under a rock! If you haven’t – PLEASE Google it now (before continuing on with my review)… If you HAVE, continue reading my review below…

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“Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes” By: Dominique Ansel

I was anxiously awaiting this book for MONTHS! I had been (along with the rest of the World) obsessed and following the “Cronut” ever since it’s creation. I admit – I’ve never had an “actual authentic” version – but I’ve had many imitators and honestly – they weren’t really half bad.

The book is beautifully photographed (I love the cover) and the recipes scattered throughout are genius.

The underline of the book is “Unforgettable Desserts from the World’s Most Celebrated Bakery” – and that’s the truth. After reading your way through this book – the ideas and recipes will keep you up at night…in a good way. Or – at least they did me. Why didn’t I think of the “Cronut”!?

The book is put together in almost two parts. The first part being sections on ingredients, tips and tricks – different parts about his life, etc. – all which I really appreciated. I found these to not only be a welcome addition to the cookbook – but really welcomed in a sense that he’s getting ready to introduce you to his “secret recipes” – but wanted to introduce himself first.

The recipes start on page 105 and are divided into three categories – beginner, intermediate and advanced. I have marked so many recipes to try (yes the “Cronut” recipe is included – and yes it is “advanced” – but hold on a minute…)

Let’s start with the section on “beginner”. Some of the recipes in this section that I’ve marked is…

“Hot Chocolate” (page 110 – and perfect for this time of year), “Chocolate Pecan Cookies” (page 112), “Marshmallow Chicks” (page 121), “Vanilla Ice Cream” (page 124) and “”Apple Tart Tatin” (page 126).


“Cotton-soft Cheesecake” (page 141), “Perfect Little Egg Sandwich” (page 150), “Black and Blue Pavlova” (page 154 – I LOVE making pavlova’s – it’s like doing a magic trick in your kitchen!), “Apple Marshmallow” (page 162) and “Frozen S’mores” (page 176).


“Chocolate Caviar Tart” (page 184), “Magic Souffle” (page 197), “The At-Home Cronut Pastry” (page 201) and “Baked Alaska” (page 226).

The recipes may sound simple at first – but believe me – this book is an experience! The recipes, the photographs, the back story – everything that is “magical” makes up this book – and I LOVE it! It’s such an enjoyable read…

At the end of the book Dominique even shares “additional techniques” such as cooking custard, piping, tempering chocolate, lamination and more.

This book was worth the hype, and worth the wait. I’ve had it for awhile, and just enjoy flipping through it’s pages and imagining the possibilities to come from it… I highly recommend buying this book!

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(“Cronut” is a registered trademark of Dominique Ansel)


2 thoughts on “Cookbook Corner – Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes

  1. Hi Blaise,

    What another great review of this week cookbook conner. I will try the cronut after you make it so we can see the steps. I love reading your reviews and it make the cookbook come alive.


    Karen Schwartz Wirima

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