Quality Not Quantity


Thank you all for your feedback concerning the “changes” on my blog and Facebook page. I’ve listened – and heard you. I want to make this the best experience for all involved – and I will implement the necessary changes.

My “Cookbook Corner” will continue, I will still accept and answer any and all “Ask Blaise the Baker” questions, and I will still share my “Favorite Things” – but instead of all the time / everyday – I’ll have it happen “organically” – and naturally. I’ll also still be posting original recipes and my “cookbooking” updates as they happen…as well as sharing with you who my favorite fellow bloggers are.

That’s what growing is about – always evolving into something better… Thanks again for your support.



One thought on “Quality Not Quantity

  1. Hi Blaise,

    You are on the right path and it is too much to do that you originally planned. You are so right that you want quality. The article that you do in the Currier Times is excellent and you want to focus on doing that the proper way. I like the cookbook corner, because you will know what you think is a great cookbook to own. You have been right so far on the ones I brought from your suggestions. Your favorite thing are also nice. I agree with you that you cannot post everyday and you made the right decision for quality my Friend.

    All the best,

    Karen Schwartz Wirima😍 xoxo

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