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“In Her Kitchen” Stories and Recipes from Grandmas Around the World By: Gabriele Galimberti

Let me just say that I don’t always buy or “love” a cookbook for it’s recipes. I will sometimes buy a cookbook because I love the “voice” of the author – or because I love the stories represented throughout. I will also buy a cookbook for the photographs and how the book is put together. Honestly, for me, I have cookbooks that I know I will never cook from – but I enjoy having them because they provide me with inspiration. This book, with it’s beautiful stories and gorgeous photographs, is one example of such a cookbook.

This book details and highlights Grandmothers across the WORLD (not just the US) and shares their stories and their legacies – along with their recipes.

The book highlights Grandmothers from Veracruz, Mexico / Tbilisi, Georgia / Bangkok, Thailand and even the Philippines, Brazil, Norway, Indonesia, Iceland, Alaska, Italy, New York, India, Morocco, Japan, Sweden, Peru and many more. It’s such a fascinating GLOBAL look at cuisine, culture and recipes.

I found it fascinating to look through the book and see how different people not only live, but how they eat and what kinds of “traditions” they have.

The book is laid out beautifully with big huge color photos, followed by the Grandma, her name and age, story of the recipe, and then the recipe.

One of my favorite recipes is from Melanie Hill (page 218 and from American Fork, Utah). Her recipe is for “Chocolate Toffee Trifle”. This recipe really relates to me because growing up my Grandma would always make something similar around the Holiday season. It’s a simple and delicious recipe (far from unique) but special in the ways of it being a MEMORY that is remembered throughout the year.

Recipes and food to me ARE like a memory – something to be cherished. I really really enjoyed this book and would recommend it for anyone looking for a cookbook with not only delicious recipes, but STORY and meaning behind each one.

To buy “In Her Kitchen”, please click here…

The personal views and reviews of this blog are mine and mine alone. Any opinion or thought expressed are strictly my own. I received this book from “Blogging for Books” for this review. More information can be found by emailing me your questions.



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