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It’s Wednesday, and “Cookbook Corner” time! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Here lately I’ve been on a “pie kick”. I think it’s because I’m really trying to get my “pie practice” in – because it’s no secret that PIES are NOT my strong suit… Ha! 😉 I’ve made a handful of pies in my lifetime, and those have turned out just “ok” (except for ONE that I made with my Grandma Barbra that was INCREDIBLE! Recipe here –

I’m not sure what my problem is – maybe a lack of patience?! Pie making requires a certain amount of patience – which I just don’t seem to have! (This lack of patience is the same reason I can’t hardly frost a cake! Don’t even MENTION decorating a cake! Seriously!? Who has time for that? Let’s cut the cake!)

This new “Cookbook Corner” selection has really helped me out though, and I’ll explain why…

The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie Blaise the Baker

“The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie” By: Paula Haney

I’ve had this book for awhile, and decided I would first read through the whole thing and get familiar with the recipes, the techniques, ingredients, special equipment, etc. It was a pleasure for me to read through the book and find simple (and delicious sounding and looking) recipes, easy doable techniques, simple ingredients and hardly any special equipment that the average baker wouldn’t have in their kitchens.

I was really really impressed with this book – and have marked several recipes to try.

At first glance, you might glance through the book and think it looks like any other “pie” book – but let me tell you – it’s not. Easily one of my favorite pie books I’ve ever looked at. AND let me say that I’M a “Hoosier” – just like the author of this book… that is what originally caught my eye about this cookbook!

The book is divided into 2 main categories – sweet pies and savory pies. Then from there the pies are divided into categories per season, and then into subcategories like creams, custards, quiches, hand pies, etc.

The first section “Lessons from the Rolling Table” is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to seriously learn the proper ways of making a foolproof pie. It lists crust recipes, techniques and tells a story about each recipe and technique – which I love because it makes things “relatable” for me.

Some of the delicious recipes that I have marked are…

“Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie” (page 62 – and a very popular pie here in Indiana. I remember this being on of my Great Grandfather’s favorite pies), “Raspberry Pie” (page 80 – and also a great piece of wisdom from Grandma Esther), “Peach-Raspberry Pie with Pecan Crumble” (page 84), “Pear-Raspberry Pie” (page 100 – I may make this for my Grandma Barbra in the coming weeks. She loves pear AND raspberry – so how bad could that be!?), “Banana Cream Pie” (page 129 and absolutely DELICIOUS!), “Coconut Cream Pie” (page 131 and a favorite of my Mom), “Caramel Banana Cream Pie” (page 132 – and how genius adding CARAMEL to an already delicious pie!), “Caramel-Apple Cider Pie” (page 152), “Orange Cream Pie” (page 165), “Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie” (page 171 – a FAVORITE in the Hoosier state), “Oatmeal Pie” (page 178), “Peanut Butter Pie with Chocolate Ganache” (page 195), “Fat Elvis Pie” (page 207 – and possibly one of my FAVORITE recipes from the book – if you would see the ingredients you would know why…), and several delicious (and easy) TURNOVER recipes! Who doesn’t love a good turnover pastry!?

As for the SAVORY pies…

“French Onion Soup Pie” (page 231 – and sounds beyond delicious), “Pulled Pork Pie” (page 237), “Tomato Pie” (page 241), “Frito-Chili Pie” (page 253 – and another GENIUS idea!), “Ham and Bean Pie” (page 271) and a whole section on delicious looking (and sounding) quiches.

I have more flagged – but I think you get the picture… Ha!

I highly recommend this book for ALL pie lovers! Beginners – advanced and everything in between! Get this book – and make some delicious pies for your family and friends.

To learn more about this cookbook, or to BUY this delicious book, please click here…

The personal views and reviews of this blog are mine and mine alone. Any opinion or thought expressed are strictly my own. More information can be found by emailing me your questions. Shout out and special thanks to Midway, Agate Publishing and Paula Haney for this opportunity.



One thought on “Cookbook Corner – The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie

  1. Hi Blaise,

    Thanks for another great book review on pies. After the day we had the Apple Pie you made with grandma put a smile back on my face. That is what I needed and the tree of us needed today.

    All the best,

    Karen Schwartz Wirima ms

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