Chew This – Macaroni with Roasted Tomatoes

Happy Sunday! I’m still so excited about the whole GIVEAWAY energy surrounding my latest giveaway – that I feel like I’m flying! Ha! 😉 THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for entering and for all of the sweet comments! I really really appreciate each and every one of you…

Moving on to my CHEW THIS column (featured in TODAY’s Sunday edition of “The Courier-Times”) it’s a recipe that is FOUR generations old. It was passed down from my Great Grandma Viola, then to my Grandma Deloris, then my my Mom (Darla), and then to me… and now to YOU!

It’s a delicious “salad / side dish” and can be served hot, room temperature or chilled – it’s delicious anyway you make it and serve it. There can ALSO be crumbled cooked bacon added…

Blaise Doubman The Courier-Times

Macaroni with Roasted Tomatoes

TRY IT! AND – as usual – let me know what you think! I would love to hear your feedback! And send your finished pictures my way too! I love seeing the finished dish…




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