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Happy Wednesday! There is a country music singing celebrity in the kitchen today – and her name is Martina McBride! Welcome to “Cookbook Corner”…

Around the Table Blaise the Baker Cookbook Corner

“Around the Table” By: Martina McBride

I have to admit that I am not a “country music” fan (some of it is ok) so I wasn’t really THAT familiar with Martina McBride. I had heard great things about her cookbook – and had to check things out for myself…

I had no idea she was the “entertainer” she is – on and OFF the stage!

This cookbook is filled with delicious recipes and helpful entertaining tips. Martina’s entertaining tips and tricks are perfect for those who are just starting out entertaining – or those who have done it for years… I found the tips and tricks just what I needed to throw my first successful “Country Music Dinner Party” using the recipes from this cookbook. (Let’s just say – everything was eaten and recipes exchanged).

The book is also composed of delicious photographs of Martina and her family. This is really a “personal look” into the lives of Martina, her family and her cherished recipes.

Just a few of my favorites include Martina’s “Balsamic-Poppy Seed Dressing” (page 41), “Oven Roasted Vegetables” (page 47 and a perfect recipe for the beginnings of a hearty vegetable soup), “Panzanella” (page 67), “Hunter’s Chicken” (page 68), “Butternut Ravioli” (page 76), “Peaches with Lemon Shortbread” (page 97), “Peanut Butter Incredibles” (page 133), “Grilled Lemon Shrimp” (page 201) and “Salsa” (page 270).

I highly recommend this book for those who love simple, easy and delicious cooking – and to those who love Martina McBride. It’s a charming book and has given me a lot of inspiration for my future entertaining parties and gatherings…

To buy “Around the Table”, please click here…

The personal views and reviews of this blog are mine and mine alone. Any opinion or thought expressed are strictly my own. More information can be found by emailing me your questions. Shout out and special thanks to HarperCollins and Martina McBride for the incredible opportunity to review this charming book.



2 thoughts on “Cookbook Corner – Around the Table

  1. Another great review Blaise! You bring the readers into the cookbooks you review to want to go out and get the cookbooks to make some of the recipes you have tried. 😊

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