Favorite Things Friday – SIFT magazine

I LOVE “King Arthur Flour” and I am SO IN LOVE with their new magazine “SIFT”! It’s a baker’s DREAM let me tell you… I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy, through a giveaway – and I’m blown away! The photographs are amazing, there are NO ads that take up precious page space, delicious recipes, and awesome interviews with leading people in the food industry…

Sift Magazine Blaise the Baker

“SIFT” magazine

I highly recommend this for the local foodie – especially the local BAKER! It’s a phenomenal value at only $12.95! I know what you might be thinking – “FOR A MAGAZINE!?” Well…yes! AND it’s NOT just a magazine… It’s essentially a COOKBOOK in MAGAZINE form. It is worth every penny of the $12.95!

Trust me – you will WANT this magazine! It’s beyond what I was expecting – a real delight and treasure!

To BUY “Sift” magazine, please click here…

(also available at most retail outlets and grocery stores)



2 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday – SIFT magazine

  1. I love King Arthur Flour and have been ordering from them for a couple of years now. Blaise another great review on Sift magazine and you are so right this is well worth the money you pay. I will be getting the next issue too. 😊

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