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Happy Wednesday! Today’s “Cookbook Corner” is becoming a favorite of mine – it’s entered my kitchen – and hasn’t left yet… Matter of fact – there’s one recipe in the book that I would scream from the rooftops if I could – it is THAT incredible. What is it!? Read on…

The Dirty Apron Cookbook Blaise the Baker Cookbook Corner

“The Dirty Apron Cookbook” By: David Robertson

This cookbook came into my kitchen about a month ago – and hasn’t left since. First off – are you familiar with “Dirty Apron Cooking”!? If not, click here – It is a beautiful cooking school – but really so much more than that. I have read through their website and love their philosophies in life, and in the kitchen. Take a minute to look through their website, and then read on…

Like I said previous, this book has entered my kitchen and hasn’t left. There are so many delicious recipes that are easy, flavorful and “comforting” to me.

For example – the “Dirty Apron Scones” (page 12) are amazing and delicious – AND it’s really two recipes in one. There is a “Dried Fruit Scone” variety – OR a “Spicy Cheese” variety – a sweet AND savory option…

“Smoked Salmon Bagels with Lemon and Dill Cream Cheese” (page 21) is an absolute delight on the tongue. I mean really – how delicious does smoked salmon sound on a bagel with lemon and dill cream cheese?! YUM!

“How to Poach an Egg” (page 26) literally taught me HOW to poach an egg properly. I have followed recipes for years in how to poach an egg – and failed every time. You NEED this book for this recipe…

“Kale Caesar Salad” (page 51) is a genius way of using kale in a new and unexpected way. I LOVE this salad – and when I made it – had rave reviews!

“Roast Chicken Sandwich” (page 56) is an amazing dish – and one I’ve made more than once. This is perfect also the next day for leftovers or for a “leftover picnic”… Something to think about.

The chapter on “Seafood” still amazes me. Delicious dishes and flavor combinations that I’ve never seen before. “Cinnamon-Soaked Tuna” (page 82) for example – or “Macadamia Nut-Crusted Mahi Mahi with Chili Coconut Sauce and Fennel and Papaya Salad (page 97) – GENIUS!

“Southern Fried Chicken Wings with Jalapeno Cornbread and Honey Butter” (page 113) was a huge hit. I wondered – why not use this same recipe but on chicken LEGS?! And the cornbread is a perfect next-day treat as well.

“Oatmeal Raisin Cookies” (page 138) are delicious and so easy – and the perfect combination of flavors!

“Lemon Bars” (page 143) are a PERSONAL FAVORITE of mine! So so good – and so EASY! This will be one of the first recipes you should try from this amazing book…

NOW – time for what I was talking about earlier – the recipe that you need to buy this book for… “The Dirty Twixter Bars” (page 144) – these are INCREDIBLE! It’s like a “Twix” candy bar – mixed with a “Skor” candy bar. Unreal and SO easy to make – and yet SO delicious! I literally melted on the floor when I tasted these. I was amazed that just a few ingredients (and such simple steps) could create something so delicious – but trust me – you will love these! Remember: PAGE 144 people!!! 😉

“The Dirty Doughnuts” (page 149) are delicious – but I’ve never turned down a doughnut…

“Sticky Toffee Puddings with Bailey’s Caramel Sauce” (page 163) is also a recipe I have marked with a large note card (along with several others) because it looked delicious and I’m such a fan of sticky toffee pudding!

I highly recommend this cookbook to those who love good, comforting food – sometimes with a twist. I love the “feeling” I get from the cookbook – and I really think that you will to… And remember – PAGE 144!!!

To buy “The Dirty Apron Cookbook”, please click here…

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