Cookbook Corner – Chocolate

Chocolate Blaise the Baker Cookbook Corner

“Chocolate” By: Elisabeth Johansson

Wow – chocolate…chocolate…chocolate! And no – I’m not complaining! I don’t think in life a person could EVER have too much chocolate. Ever. This book is the perfect example of this! You wouldn’t believe the recipes in this book…

How does “Chocolate Balls with Dried Blueberries” sound? (page 57 – and a part of the “RAW chocolate” section in the book), or what about “Brazilian Nut Pralines”? (page 63 and only a handful of ingredients)… More delicious recipes I have marked to try are “Sponge cake with Chocolate” (page 77), “Chocolate Cookie Slices” (page 85), “Baklava” (page 89 – and yes – these include CHOCOLATE – genius!), “Fudge Brownies” (page 92 – these will knock your socks off!), “South African Mud Cake” (page 102), Shortbread with Pecans and Chocolate” (page 120), “Sea Breeze Bars” (page 146), “Chocolate Parfait in a Glass” (page 174), “Chocolate Sorbet with Orange” (page 180), and “Caramel Marshmallows with Walnuts” (page 205).

This book utilizes ALL types of chocolates – and I appreciate that! This is definitely a book for the chocolate lover in your life and I highly recommend it for the “chocoholic”.

To buy “Chocolate”, please click here…

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