Cookbook Corner – Artisan Caramels

I’ve always been a huge candy fan (I know, big surprise right?) – but I’ve not actually been a huge fan of caramel, until just a few years ago. I’m not sure what there wasn’t to love for me, when I was turning it down left and right when I was younger – who knows… But now? I can’t get enough. That’s why I’m so excited to share today’s “Cookbook Corner” with everyone! It’s full of caramel, and fabulous!

Artisan Caramels Cookbook Corner Blaise the Baker

“Artisan Caramels” By: Sandy Arevalo

If you love caramel – you will love this book! End of story… It’s a fabulous book filled with different caramel flavor combinations that, up until now, you’ve only dreamed of!

The book is slim in size and volume, but busting with crazy-good flavor and delightful flavor combinations, it will have your head spinning.

Sandy Arevalo walks you through each caramel recipe, and if you read ahead and follow the recipe – your results will be perfect every single time.

Opening the book, is the “basic ingredients”. Guess what? If you have heavy cream, corn syrup, sugar, butter, vanilla and salt in your pantry…you can make caramels!

I loved how Sandy had a list of “tools” that are needed to make the caramel making process easier. It really helps when putting the whole picture together, and gives you information as to why each tool is needed. Her “Helpful Hints” (also in the introduction) were also much used and appreciated.

Before diving into the book, I DO suggest you not only read the “introduction”, but pay close attention to Sandy’s “Step-By-Step Caramels” in which she has taken the time to explain and photograph each step. This takes the guess work out of the recipe, and really gives the reader an idea of what the process will look like.

The book is divided into 6 sections, each with amazing recipes.

The sections (and some of the recipes included in each are…)

Just The Basics (where any of the four recipes could be taken and developed into other delicious confectioneries) “Salted Vanilla Bean Caramels” (page 2 and my personal favorite), “Chocolate Caramels” (page 4 and delicious when sprinkled with a little ground cinnamon) and “Espresso Caramels” (page 8).

The Pie’s The Limit (where the caramels flavor is transformed into that of a pie) “Apple Pie Caramels” (page 14), “Pumpkin Pie Caramels” (page 16), “Pecan Pie Caramels” (page 20), and “Banana Cream Pie Caramels” (page 22 and believe me – these are fabulous!).

Chocolate Lovers (where chocolate and caramel collide) “Chocolate Orange Caramels” (page 28), Hot, Hot Chocolate Caramels (page 32), “Raspberry and White Chocolate Caramels” (page 34 and one of the best recipes in the book…my 2nd favorite to just the original vanilla caramels), and “Banana Chocolate Walnut Caramels” (page 36).

Specialty Desserts (where popular desserts are transformed into caramels) “Red Velvet Caramels” (page 40 – ummm yes, please!), “Strawberry Cheesecake Caramels” (page 44), “Tiramisu Caramels” (page 46), and “Samoa Caramels” (page 50).

Around The World (where world flavors are infused into caramels) “Matcha Green Tea Caramels” (page 56), “Stout and Pretzel Caramels” (page 62), “Earl Grey and Lemon Caramels” (page 64), “Saffron and Blood Orange Olive Oil Caramels” (page 66 – and next on my list to try…), and “Blackberry and Ginger Caramels” (page 68).

Holidays and more (these are perfect caramels to serve around the Holidays) “Eggnog Caramels” (page 76), “Peppermint Mocha Caramels” (page 78), “Lemon Lavender Caramels” (page 80), “French Toast Caramels” (page 82), and “Cinnamon Roll Caramels” (page 84 and the CUTEST pieces of caramel I’ve ever seen…)

I mean, how delicious do all of those sound!? And believe me – the recipes I’ve tried are delicious! A lot of people are afraid to make their own candy, but if you just follow a couple of important rules – the recipe will be foolproof. One important rule – get (and use) a GOOD candy thermometer. Another tip? READ the recipe ahead of time, and make sure you understand the times and temperatures. Sandy has given all of the appropriate information on each recipe about the temperature, boiling time, etc.

I highly recommend this for those who love caramel, and for those who love making candy. It’s a beautiful book, with delightful photographs and inspiring recipes.

To learn more about Sandy, her business “Firefly Confections” (including ORDERING her delicious caramels), please click here…

To buy “Artisan Caramels”, please click here…

The personal views and reviews of this blog are mine and mine alone. Any opinion or thought expressed are strictly my own. More information can be found by emailing me your questions. Shout out and special thanks to Cedar Fort Publishing and Sandy Arevalo for this opportunity.



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