To celebrate the official launch of my “Blaise the Baker BOOK CLUB” on Tuesday, April 14th (in ONE week) – I’m celebrating with a GIVEAWAY!

Have you ever heard of “ArtFolds” by Barnes & Noble? They are beautiful pieces of art – designed by YOU! Just simply follow the directions, fold the pages, and once you get to the end of the book – you’ve created a beautiful permanent work of art! They are fabulous – and one of my favorite things!

(You can read more information about them here –

I have the “LOVE” edition (which I completed and posted step-by-step photos last Holiday season on my Facebook page – and it was so fun and easy to do…I loved it!

Well – now I’ve gotten the “READ” edition – and I have an extra for a GIVEAWAY!

“Jane Eyre” is this particular edition.

You can read it and fold the pages along the way, or read the book – fold later…or just start by folding the pages – it’s up to you!

Blaise the Baker Book Club Giveaway

How do you enter!?

Click link below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


UPDATE: (04/13/2015) The giveaway is now closed. THANK YOU to everyone that participated! A winner will be announced shortly! Watch your emails…



4 thoughts on “Blaise the Baker BOOK CLUB GIVEAWAY

  1. What a great idea to be able to fold up the pages while you read Jane Eyre. I remember reading the book a long time ago. It will be great to read the book again. I also saw the movie too. 😊

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