Book Club Selection – Stories from Candyland

Welcome to my second “Blaise the Baker Book Club” selection! I had such a huge and positive response to my first selection “Very Good Lives” By: J.K. Rowling (link here – so I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of my newest selection. It’s a fun and easy read – perfect for the beach or reading in your favorite chair on the porch. And GUESS WHAT!? I also have a GIVEAWAY attached to this posting! A “Book Wreath” from “Bookish Creations”! (A $75 value)

My second “Blaise the Baker Book Club” selection is…

Stories from CandyLand Blaise the Baker Book Club

“Stories from Candyland” By: Candy Spelling

I’ve loved the Spelling family for years, and have always found them fascinating. Candy (Tori Spelling’s Mom) is a charming and interesting woman who comes off the pages of this book, and into your heart. I know a lot of people may be questionable about my choice, but trust me – this is a fascinating book. There are old family stories, RECIPES, quotes, old Hollywood stories and memories of her husband Aaron, who passed away a few years ago. And – yes, there are plenty of stories about “The Manor” and the infamous “gift wrapping room”. (She loves to decoratively wrap presents – what’s wrong with that!?) 😉

This is the FIRST book written by Candy (and my favorite) – but she does have a follow up entitled “Candy At Last”, which talks about her life after the death of her husband, Aaron, and moving out of “The Manor” – and into “The Manor in the Sky”. I’m not sure if it’s available on YouTube, but if you missed her special on HGTV about her moving process, etc. you really should try and watch it. Hilarious and very “Candy”.

BUY “Stories from Candyland” here…

What’s next!? Let’s EXPAND the conversation – and “book chat” online! Email me ( and let me know what you think, leave your comments here, Facebook me, chat me, text me, tweet me – keep the conversation of great books going… I’ve been working on a better format where we can all get together to discuss my selections (like a real book club), but I’m dealing with some personal issues right now. I’ll keep everyone updated on when and where this will happen, once it’s ready.

NOW – for the GIVEAWAY!

Interested in winning a custom “Book Wreath” from “Bookish Creations”!? They are fabulous – and a $75 value!

Here’s a picture…

Book Wreath from Bookish Creations Blaise the Baker

Here’s a closer look at the individual formed roses made out of book pages…

Bookish Creations Book Wreath Detail Blaise the Baker

Fabulous, right!? ENTER TO WIN by clicking on the link below…

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If you have any book club ideas or suggestions, drop me an email!

I would love to hear from you…

Enjoy my selection, and good luck on the giveaway!


UPDATE: (05/06/2015) The giveaway is now closed. THANK YOU to everyone that participated! A winner will be announced shortly! Watch your emails…



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