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I am in LOVE with this cookbook and in LOVE with Christina Tosi. Anyone know her phone number!? Seriously – if I had the chance to talk with her, I think one of the first things that would come out of my mouth would be “Would you marry me!?”

Christina Tosi is a GENIUS in my opinion…a genius!

Milk Bar Life Cookbook Corner Blaise the Baker

“Milk Bar Life” By: Christina Tosi

I loved Christina’s first book “Momofuku Milk Bar”, but let me be honest – I almost needed a chemistry set to make ANY of the recipes. AND – I have never really been a fan of the “cereal milk” – just not my cup of tea…or milk. BUT this book – fabulous! Playful and delicious recipes that really bring a sense of who Christina really is. As soon as I opened the book, the title page “Milk Bar Life” RECIPES AND STORIES really called my attention. I love books with recipes AND STORIES! I want to get to know the author, get to know their history, family history and why and how the recipes they are presenting were developed.

Christina has divided her newest cookbook up into several chapters. Hand-Me-Downs (recipes that were handed down), A Cookie A Day… (how bad could that be?), Supermarket (MY FAVORITE CHAPTER that honestly uses cheap supermarket junk to make fabulous and delicious dishes!), We Are Family, Weak Nights (spelled right), Cookout and more and more and more. I just love this book, and have looked at it for weeks… Just thought I would throw that out.

Some of the amazing recipes presented!?

“Cocktail Meatballs” (page 19), “Chicken Puffs” (page 23), “Cornbake” (page 30 and WONDERFUL!), “Sour Cream Cookies” (page 38), “Chocolate Chip Cookies” (page 53), “Ritz Cookies” (page 59), “Banana Cookies” (page 64), “Salt and Pepper Cookies” (page 70), “Ritz Cracker Icebox Cake” (page 74 and FABULOUS – try this recipe first!), “Cake-Mix Coffee Cake” (page 78), “Beef Roast with Gravy” (page 85), “Haute Dogs” (page 94), “Cookie Dough Cookie” (page 118 which is where the GENIUS part comes into play with Christina!), “Brown Butter Cinnamon Toast” (page 119), “Tang Toast” (page 131), “Crock-Pot Cake” (page 139), “Kitchen-Sink Quiche” (page 151), “Chicken Potpie” (page 157), “Lemon Bars” (page 170), “Marky’s Butter Burgers” (page 176), “Smoked Turkey Breast” (page 182), “Party Nachos” (page 207), “Cinnamon Buns” (page 220) AND get ready for this… “Mac and Cheese Pancakes” (page 246)!

So, what are you waiting for!? BUY. THIS. BOOK.

To buy “Milk Bar Life”, please click here…

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