Cookbook Corner – Big Gay Ice Cream

About a year ago, I came across “Big Gay Ice Cream” on Twitter ( I don’t really know how – but I did, and I grew to love it – and them. They’re hilarious, spot on, love The Golden Girls and made and serve fabulous ice cream…I mean really? How bad could they be?! 😉

My current “Cookbook Corner” goes to…

Big Gay Ice Cream Blaise the Baker Cookbook Corner

“Big Gay Ice Cream” By: Bryan Petroff and Douglas Quint

As soon as you open up this book, you know it’s not your “typical” cookbook. Autographs from all kinds of celebrities fill the inside. Everyone from Anne Burrell (from Food Network), James Deen (adult actor), Colby Keller (porn star), Jim Gaffigan (comedian) and Mario Batali (genius). Flipping over the book, the first thing that comes to mind is a high school yearbook. It’s sectioned off into “Freshmen Year” – “Sophomore Year” – etc. (There are also celebrity autographs, testimonials, etc. that fill the book…)

I love how the start of the book really details ice cream, how to make it, toppings, etc. A genius idea (starting on page 24) is how they’ve taken vanilla ice cream, for example, and lists the perfect topping combinations. And guess what? On the next page? Chocolate ice cream, and then strawberry!

Delicious recipes fill this book – such as some of these amazing toppings

“Ann’s Granola” (page 45), “Whiskey Walnuts” (page 49) and “Pineapple and Mint” (page 50).


“Orange-Tequila Caramel” (page 56), “Dulce de Leche” (page 57), “Awesomesauce” (page 59), “Banana-Cocoa Puree” (page 61), “Blueberry-Balsamic Sauce” (page 67), “Hot Fudge” (page 68) and “Magical Shell” (page 70).


“Mermaid Sundae” (page 88), “Gobbler Sundae” (page 91), “Salty Pimp Sundae” (page 93) and “American Globs Sundae” (page 98).

Floats and Shakes

“Black and White Shake” (page 106), “Vanilla Shake” (page 107), “Tang-Creamsicle Shake” (page 111), “Salty Caramel Shake” (page 114), “Chocolate-Peanut Butter Shake” (page 115) and “Coffee Shake” (page 118).

Sorbets and Ice Creams

“Concord Grape Sorbet” (page 136), “Mountain Dew Sorbet” (page 138), “Peppercoke Sorbet” (page 141), “Cranberry and White Chocolate Sorbet” (page 142), “Cheater Soft-Serve Ice Cream” (page 144), “Chocolate Ice Cream” (page 149), “Strawberry Ice Cream” (page 150), “Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Ice Cream” (page 155), “Cardamom Ice Cream” (page 161), “Dirty Banana Ice Cream” (page 162), “Pumpkin Ice Cream” (page 169), “Bea Arthur Ice Cream” (page 170) and “Rocky Road House Ice Cream” (page 172).

Fabulous, right!?

The pictures, the “yearbook” format, the recipes, the stories and the fun that make up this book – are just a few of the reasons you need to buy this book – now!

To buy “Big Gay Ice Cream”, please click here…

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One thought on “Cookbook Corner – Big Gay Ice Cream

  1. The Cooking Channel and the Food Network has done segments about them. Rachael Ray had them on her show too. It makes me want to go to New York Find Big Gay Ice Cream. A great review Blaise. 😊👍🏻

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