Blaise the Baker Book Club Review – The Book of Joan

I’m starting a new section on my blog called “Blaise the Baker Book Club Review” – where I will review books that I love and want to share with everyone between my “official” book club selections. I hope you all enjoy!

The Book of Joan Blaise the Baker Book Club Review

“The Book of Joan” By: Melissa Rivers

Growing up I told everyone that Joan Rivers was my “Hollywood Grandma”. I know she was controversial, and not everyone liked her, but there was something magnetic about her and I just fell in love with her from day one. I never got to see her perform “live” (although I was close to seeing her in Chicago one year for my Birthday), but I did enjoy seeing her on TV and reading her books.

She was such a character.

When I got the news of her passing away, I was blown away. She seemed so healthy and so together just right before her untimely death – it was a complete and utter shock! I was so upset… I grew up with her “in my life” and it was a shock for me. Even thought I didn’t know her personally, I felt like I did.

I wasn’t that familiar with her daughter, Melissa, until after her Mom’s passing. I was really impressed with how she handled herself in the public eye after the fact, and how she maintained somewhat of a “normal” life for her and her son, Cooper.

When I heard the news that Melissa was writing a memoir of her Mom, I was really excited. I wanted to know the stories that only Melissa knew – “Mother to Daughter” stories…and this book doesn’t disappoint! It is full of stories – both funny and sad – that you will want to read again and again.

Melissa talks about stories and memories from her childhood, all the way up to just right before her Mom passed. Without giving everything away – let me just say the ending of the book wraps up nicely, but is an emotional read.

After reading, I was really appreciative of Melissa’s honesty and truth in writing this book in memory of her Mom. It’s a wonderful tribute that I highly recommend for those who still love and miss the incredible Joan Rivers.

To buy “The Book of Joan”, please click here…

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