Cookbook Corner – The Twinkies Cookbook

It will come as no surprise to anyone, that I am in LOVE with this cookbook! I have loved Twinkies for years (they remind me of my youth), and have actually developed quite the serious relationship with the infamous “Deep Fried Twinkie”. Actually – remember awhile back when the “Hostess” company closed!? Once they were revitalized, I had a party serving “Deep Friend Twinkies” to celebrate! No joke…

Twinkies Cookbook Blaise the Baker

“The Twinkies Cookbook” By: Hostess Brands

This cookbook is the “Twinkies 85th Anniversary Edition”. Did you know that Twinkies have been around 85 years!? I didn’t, and found this fascinating. Did you know the first Twinkies were banana cream filled and flavored? I did – but only because I’m a complete food geek. (When I retire – I want to be a food historian).

The first part of this cookbook opens with the history of the Twinkie. I highly recommend the book just for these first few pages – a delicious (and interesting) read for the young and old alike…

The recipes in this book are pure genius! The photographs are delightful as well. The book is divided into several different segments with mouthwatering recipes such as some of these concoctions…

“Twinkie Strawberry Shortcake” (page 12), “Pineapple-Upside Down Cake Twinkies” (page 14), “Twinkie Tunnel Bundt Cake” (page 20), “No-Bake Twinkie Turtle Cake” (page 25), “Twinkie Cherry Pie” (page 30), “No-Bake Twinkie Pumpkin Pie” (page 35), “Patriotic Twinkie Pie” (page 39), “Twinkie Sushi” (page 42), “Twinkie Orange Bavarian Dream” (page 49), “Banana Twinkie Bread Pudding” (page 54), “Chocolate Twinkie Pudding” (page 57), “Fried Twinkies with Chocolate Sauce” (page 60 and my favorite recipe! Although my fried Twinkies are deep fried in a special batter), “Twinkie Brownie Bars” (page 61), “Twinkie Banana Split” (page 68), “Twinkie Lasagna” (page 76), “Frozen Yogurt Twinkie Pop” (page 84), “Chicken-Raspberry Twinkie Salad” (page 88), “Twinkie Corndog” (page 93), “Dave’s Twinkie Burger” (page 100), “Creamy Malted Twinkies Milk Shake” (page 105) and “French Twinkies” (page 111).

Tons of both sweet and savory recipes using Twinkies!

Love Twinkies? I highly recommend this book!

To buy “The Twinkies Cookbook”, please click here…

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