Cookbook Corner – A Jewish Baker’s Pastry Secrets

I’ve found a book that I’ve fallen in love with, and just had to share…

Cookbook Corner Blaise the Baker

“A Jewish Baker’s Pastry Secrets” By: George Greenstein

This book is beyond anything you might first expect. No, there isn’t any photographs in the book, but the recipes are so descriptive, and well worded, that you really don’t miss the photographs at all. The book is warm and inviting, and don’t get me wrong – a little advanced. Nothing really the average baker can’t handle (with a little time and patience that is).

The book is divided into 10 chapters.

A sample of the chapters, and a few of the recipes…

Chapter 1 – Equipment, Tools, and Ingredients
This section is really informative, and gets the reader (baker) prepared for the recipes ahead. The chapter talks about ovens, mixing tools, tools for rolling out breads, measuring tools, piping bags, ingredients, etc. Anything that a person may have a question about – the answer can be found somewhere in this chapter.

Chapter 2 – Basic Techniques and Recipes
This section really is a gathering of all of the basic recipes that are included in the book. Often, throughout the book, the author will have you flip to this section to look up recipes such as, “Almond Paste” (page 31), “Apple Filling” (page 33), “Cannoli Filling” (page 33), “Hazelnut Filling” (page 36), “Almond Sugar” (page 39), “Danish Glaze” (page 41), “Simple Icing” (page 41) and “Quick Sheet Cake” (page 43).

Chapter 3 – Bundt
This section is filled with delicious Bundt dough recipes such as “Streusel Cake” (page 48), “Butter Kuchen with Two Sugars” (page 54), “Sugar Buns” (page 56), “Lemon-Poppy Seed Buns” (page 61) and “Cheese Buns” (page 63).

Chapter 4 – Babka
This section contains delicious recipes for “Cinnamon Babka Loaf” (page 70), “Cheese Babka” (page 73), “Polish Easter Bread” (page 78), “Cheese Horseshoe” (page 82), “Flying Black Russian Coffee Cake” (page 89), and “Hamantaschen” (page 93).

Chapter 5 – Strudel
I love strudel – and this was my favorite section. Recipes for “Apple Strudel” (page 100), “Cheese Strudel” (page 104), “Cherry Strudel” (page 106) and even “Cabbage Strudel” (page 108) are among some of my favorites.

Chapter 6 – Gugelhopf and Portuguese Sweet Bread
This section includes recipes for “Gugelhoph with Walnut Filling” (page 114), “Susi’s Hungarian Coffee Cake” (page 116) and “Portuguese Sweet Bread” (page 118).

Chapter 7 – Stollen and Polish Kolacz
This is a short section, with a recipe for each. “Stollen with Triple Butter” (page 122) and “Polish Kolacz” (page 125). Both sound absolutely mouthwatering.

Chapter 8 – Puff Pastry
This is a vast section with recipes such as “Apple Turnovers” (page 134), “Palmiers” (page 138), “Raspberry Bars” (page 140), “Cream Horns” (page 142), “Almond Bars” (page 144), “Glazed Fruit Strips” (page 154) and “Almond Horseshoe” (page 156).

Chapter 9 – Charlotte Dough
This section contains recipes for “Apple Charlotte” (page 162), “Almond Sticks” (page 164), “Cigars” (page 166) and “Bear Claws” (page 168) just to name a few.

Chapter 10 – Danish Pastries
The final section contains recipes for “Prune Danish Pockets” (page 177), “Cinnamon Danish” (page 180), “Braided Rings” (page 184), “Scotch Coffee Cake” (page 188), “Almond Pressburger” (page 191) and “Apple Swirls” (page 195).

Everything just sounds fabulous in this book, and I highly recommend for all of those who love rich, bakery style, desserts that please the mouth, and the mind.

To buy “A Jewish Baker’s Pastry Secrets”, please click here…

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