Pickled Eggs

My Grandma Deloris, and my Mom, Darla are always having me fix these. It is really an Easter tradition, that has carried itself throughout the entire year. I think the tradition actually started with my Grandpa Max. I am actually not the biggest fan of these…but so many people are.

They are easy…the hardest thing is allowing for the 3 day wait time. Some people leave them 5 days, but these are actually ready to eat after 3 days in the refrigerator. So – if you can just allow for the wait…

This is a super simple recipe that was handed down to me. Some people prefer to make their own pickled beets, which I think not only takes longer – but the results are the same as this simple version. So why not just take the “easy” way, and prepare them like this…?! Simple and fuss free!

Pickled Eggs Blaise the Baker

Pickled Eggs

1 dozen eggs
2 jars (16 oz. each) of whole pickled beets
(I use “Aunt Nellie’s” brand)

Start by hard boiling the 12 eggs.
My recipe here – https://blaisethebaker.com/2014/03/13/perfect-hard-boiled-eggs/

Prepare the eggs by peeling off the shell, and placing them in a large bowl. Open both jars of the whole pickled beets, and pour the juice and beets over the eggs. Gently stir everything together.

Cover tightly and refrigerate for 3 days.


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