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Since my soft “blog relaunch” I’m really trying to save my “Cookbook Corners” for WEDNESDAYS (and sometimes for my “Favorite Things Friday” posts) but I just couldn’t resist in sharing this one with all of you today! I love love love Martha Stewart, and I’m really impressed with her new book…

Appetizers Blaise the Baker Cookbook Corner

“Martha Stewart’s Appetizers” By: Martha Stewart

This book is deliciously satisfying, just as the other Martha Stewart books are… It has delicious and fabulous recipes, beautiful photography and an “author photo” of Martha Stewart you have to see to believe. (She has taken in the “Beyonce windblown fan hair” look, and it’s just all around hilarious and awesome).

Martha Stewart is the Queen of Entertaining and is the original hostess. I’ve been a fan of hers for years and years – my Grandma Barbra even before that. This book features more than 200 appetizer recipes, some printed before, but all endlessly delectable AND about 30 cocktail recipes…

The book is divided up into five main chapters, “Snacks, Starters, Small Plates, Stylish Bites and Sips”. It also contains “Golden Rules for Hosting a Party”, “Party Planning” and “Basic Recipes and Techniques”. It’s really a very informative (and fun) book to own.

If you own Martha Stewart’s previous “appetizer” books, this one is different in a way that it brings casualness to the home for entertaining, and I love that approach.

Just some of the delicious recipes included are, “Spiced Nuts” (page 17), “Seasoned Potato Chips” (page 20), “Salty-Sweet Party Mix” (page 28), “Salsas” (page 31), “Seasoned Popcorn” (page 34), “Watermelon Wedges with Feta and Mint” (page 37), “Fried Stuffed Olives” (page 41), “Ricotta Crostini” (page 50), “Puff Pastry Cheese Straws” (page 57), “Guacamole” (page 64), “Pickled Shrimp” (page 76), “Beef and Asparagus Negimaki” (page 84), “Mini Chicken Flautas” (page 95), “Sliders” (page 112), “Wild Mushroom Pizzas” (page 121), “Pull-Apart Lobster Rolls” (page 130), “Ham and Biscuits” (page 146), “Meatballs” (page 152), “Hand Pies” (page 159), “Deviled Eggs” (page 178), “Cucumber and Endive Salad Bites” (page 186), “Classic Canapes” (page 200), “Stuffed Mushrooms” (page 212), “Mini Crab Cakes” (page 217) and “Friend Macaroni and Cheese Bites” (page 228).

Cocktail recipes included!?

Sidecars, Mint Juleps, Margaritas, Bloody Marys, Sparklers, Punches and Daiquiris – among many many more!

If you love appetizers, Martha Stewart, or just amazing cookbooks, I recommend you buy this book…

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2 thoughts on “Cookbook Corner – Martha Stewart’s Appetizers

  1. Yes Joan, I do too… I’m glad you wrote to me and told me this. I found this one more approachable than her other two, and also more “casual” in it’s ingredients and preparations. If you enjoy her other books, I would highly encourage you to give this one a look…

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