Favorite Things Friday – Fall Season

Today I decided that my “Favorite Things Friday” would include some of my favorite FALL (Autumn) things. I absolutely LOVE this time of year! A lot of people like it hot, 90 degrees and did I say, hot?! Not me! I would prefer to be able to breathe normally outside, not be covered in sweat just by stepping outside the door and worrying if the trees next door are going to burst into flames… ok – that’s a little dramatic – but let me be honest here… Summer is NOT my most favorite time of year. I love FALL!

Blaise the Baker Favorite Things Friday Grandma Barbra

Grandma Barbra’s handmade heirlooms…
I LOVE anything that my Grandma Barbra makes! She makes the best afghans, lap blankets, dish towels, kitchen towels, hats, and more… There’s no ordering information here but she loves making things for the people she loves. Such a talent that I love and admire so much…

“The Original Good’s Candies”
Words can’t really express how delicious the chocolates here are. Family members of mine have worked here over the years, and I love hearing about their experiences. Each candy is handmade, and hand dipped. I highly recommend you read my “Blaise the Baker Business Review” here…
(which includes ordering information)

“Jacob’s Family Orchard”
My family and I have a tradition of visiting this place every season – sometimes several times a season! They have some of the best donuts around and I highly recommend their donuts and apple cider slush. The perfect combination of “welcoming the season”! This is also one of the “secret places” where my Grandma Barbra loves to take pictures of me, and the other grandchildren. She says the “fall colors” are more “vibrant” there, and the backgrounds and colors really make each and every picture, pop!

“Tuttle Orchards”
Another local, fabulous orchard that my family and I love! They have anything and everything you would need to welcome in the season, as well as festivals and festivities that can’t be missed! I have such good memories here that I share with a lot of family and friends.

“Williams-Sonoma” Thanksgiving
I LOVE “Williams-Sonoma” and am always so excited to see what their new seasonal products are every year. This year, it looks like they have the continually best items around! So excited to buy some of their featured products, as well as use some of their delicious recipe suggestions. A great company and a family favorite! I just love this place…

“Warm Glow”
I love the locally made and sold “Warm Glow” candles, and their store is above and beyond fabulous! My favorite scent? “Merry Mint”! They’ve recently expanded their store to include more than just retail. It’s a great place to go for an “all-day” shopping mini-vacation. They sell delicious Amish goods and chocolates as well… It’s really a destination store that can’t be missed!

“Clean Bandit”
I’m sure you’ve heard some of these songs before – but maybe wasn’t sure of the artist. “Clean Bandit” has some of the best music I’ve heard in awhile… Beware: these songs will be stuck in your head for days – but it will be worth it! I love just about every song they have…


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