Cookbook Corner – Classic Cookies with Modern Twists

I love classic recipes, with modern twists…

Classic Cookies Blaise the Baker

“Classic Cookies with Modern Twists” By: Ellen Jackson

I am falling in love with this book, and just one glance into the book, and you’ll see why. The recipes are fabulous and the pictures are incredible. There are so many recipes in this book that also have a “modern twist” recipe at the end of each. For example, there will be a recipe for chocolate chip cookies – followed by a recipe for the “modern twist” that could be applied to it. This book is also fun to use to create your own ideas and “modern twists” on recipes.

This book is divided up into six different sections. Here is a look at the sections, and some of the recipes that fill each…

Scooped – “Peanut Blossoms” (page 11), “Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies” (page 17), “Peanut Butter Cookies” (page 22), “Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies” (page 27), “Vanilla Bean Meringues” (page 33), “Jam-Filled Thumbprints” (page 37), “Fudgy Flourless Filbert Chew” (page 39) and “Kim’s Peanut Butter Vanilla Caramel Cookies” (page 47).

Sliced – “Almond-Olive Oil Biscotti” (page 53), “Strawberry Jam-Striped Cheesers” (page 58), “Chocolate-Vanilla Bean Pinwheels” (page 65) and “Almond Icebox Butter Cookies” (page 68).

Sandwiched – “Squashed Fly Cookies” (page 73), “Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Creams” (page 80), “Julie’s Hazelnut-Mocha Cream Cookies” (page 83) and “Ginger-Lemon Cream Sandwiches” (page 86).

Rolled – “Graham Crackers” (page 91), “Linzer Hearts” (page 97) and “BaltimOregon Sugar Cookies” (page 99).

Spread in a Pan – “Brownies” (page 105), “Glazed Hermits” (page 108), “Honeymoon Bars” (page 113), “Blondies” (page 115) and “Lemon Coconut Bars” (page 117).

For the Holidays – “Laura’s Gingerbread People” (page 129), “Rugelach” (page 134), “Peppermint Meringues” (page 139) and “Walnut Crescents” (page 141).

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