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I love Alice Waters, and I love this book…

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“My Pantry” By: Alice Waters

If you are a fan of anything Alice Waters, you need this book added to your collection! It is a short, small, but beautiful collection of stories, recipes and illustrations that I am adding to my “must list” of 2015. As the year draws to a close, this book is something that you will want to squeeze into your “yearly cookbook budget” – that is – if you have one…

This isn’t your typical “cookbook”. It is “homemade ingredients that make simple meals your own” – taken right from the cover. It’s a detailed, and often times transpiring, look at “homemade” ingredients that are guaranteed to turn your meals from normal to spectacular.

The book is divided up into the following sections…

Spice Mixtures and Condiments, Nuts, Beans and Other Legumes, Savory Preserves, Whole Grains, Preserved Fish and Meat, Cheese and Sweet Preserves.

Just a sampling of some of the recipes included are…

“Cumin Salt” (page 18), “Red Wine Vinegar” (page 22), “Slow-Roasted Nuts with Sage Leaves” (page 30), “Almond Milk” (page 34), “Chocolate Nut Bark” (page 36), “White Bean Crostini” (page 43), “Lentil Soup” (page 46), “All Purpose Pickling Brine” (page 57), “Quick Garlicky Dill Pickles” (page 60), “Dried Fig Leaves” (page 63), “Corn Tortillas” (page 68), “Fanny’s Superfood Granola” (page 72), “Oat Pancakes” (page 78), “Salted Fish” (page 88), “Ricotta” (page 109), “Yogurt” (page 112), “Raspberry Syrup” (page 120), “Candied Citrus Peel” (page 124), “Crab Apple Jelly” (page 128) and “Vanilla Extract” (page 134).

I am highly recommending this book for beginners and experts alike. The small chunks of recipes really add to the overall flavors of the dish you are preparing, while some of the recipes even stand alone on their own – developing your taste into something trans-formative that you will want to make again and again.

You will want to sit and read this entire book in one sitting – and then get up and cook from it.

To buy “My Pantry”, please click here…

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