Blaise the Baker Book Club Review – The Witch of Lime Street

I ended my “Blaise the Baker Book Club” late last year, but I still get an outpouring of messages and emails wondering what I’m currently reading, and wondering what I would recommend. I’ve decided to slightly continue my recommendations without actually “having” a book club. Maybe I’ll reopen it down the road. Stay tuned…

Meanwhie, let’s discuss one of my most recent favorites…


“The Witch of Lime Street” By: David Jaher

I hesitate to post a review” of any novel because I don’t want to give anything away to those who have yet to read it – but with this, I will try. Let me start by saying that I LOVE this book. It has everything I look for when selecting a book… action, adventure, seduction, love, lust, mystery, intrigue and somewhat of a small, selection filled, body of history and truth.

I have always been interested in Harry Houdini. When I was in Elementary School, I rented out a book from the Library about the mysteries that surrounded Harry Houdini and his death. I remember reading that he had drowned, all chained up, in a stunt that failed with him in a box, water all around him, and no air (or chance) to breathe. Then I remember reading that someone had actually punched him in the stomach, on a dare, and had killed him! So many conflicting stories, and so many “mysteries” – it was very interesting to me at the time – and still today.

What really kept my facination going was what his passion was in life. Magic. Some of the magic tricks he performed was simply out of this world! I mean – who could make their way out of being chained up with fifteen different locks – or escape a tank filled with water, all the while, being blindfolded and locked in chains!?

This book takes all of the mystery, action and intrigue and presents itself in one of the most history filled and interesting books I have ever come across. The characters come alive and the era of glamour, jazz age and flappers come alive with vivid description.

Supernatural elements, psychic effects and spirit mediums tie in well with the already “magical” filled narrative. Just when you think you have figured everything out – there are more twists and turns that will not only leave you guessing – but wanting more.

Anyone who is a fan of Harry Houdini, and tales of mystery wrapped in a narrative filled with real life, historical references will fall in love with this book. I highly recommend it…

To buy “The Witch of Lime Street”, please click here…

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