Cookbook Corner – The Tabasco Cookbook

I wasn’t really a fan of hot sauce growing up, and still feel a little unsure about it, but this cookbook is expanding my knowledge (and love and understanding) of the popular sauce. 


“The Tabasco Cookbook” with Barbara Hunter

This edition is the “revised and updated” edition and it is fabulous! As I said earlier, I had never really been a fan of hot sauce, but this book is seriously changing my views. It is filled with delicious recipes, beautiful photographs and a history of the company that I found very interesting.

Just some of the recipes included are…

“Fresh Corn Pudding” (page 19), “Cheese Grits” (page 23), “Chicken Hash” (page 26), “Peppered Pecans” (page 32), “Chunky Salsa” (page 36), “Cornmeal Nips” (page 40), “Oyster Bisque” (page 47), “Baked Mac and Cheese” (page 60), “Shrimp Creole” (page 68), “Fried Chicken” (page 84), “The Ultimate Hambuger” (page 89), “Honey-Glazed Carrots” (page 107), “Cheese Scones” (page 109), “Hot Pepper Jelly” (page 123), “Smoldering Swirled Brownies” (page 134) and “Spicy Pumpkin Tart” (page 138).

Even for those who don’t think they like hot sauce – you need to try these recipes. Some of them have an actual “mild” backnote that really adds to the flavor of the overall dish. If you are worried about the “heat level” of each recipe, don’t worry – each recipe is “heat indexed” to give you a fair warning of what’s ahead.

The first recipe you should try? The brownies! You will be amazed at how the hot sauce really adds to the overall chocolate flavor.

I recommend this book for those who love hot sauce, for those who want to know more about the condiment and for those like me – who love a good, interesting cookbook.

To buy “The Tabasco Cookbook”, please click here…

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