Blaise the Baker: Book Club Selection – WAKE UP HAPPY

I wasn’t going to officially “announce” my “Blaise the Baker: Book Club” selection until this Sunday, May 1st – BUT – with the book I’ve chosen – why wait!? He’s been getting a lot of media attention lately…

“Wake Up Happy” By: Michael Strahan is my first selection in my newly relaunched book club and it is FABULOUS and I’m highly recommending you all to read it! It’s upbeat, inspirational and meaningful… Something that I think is very “needed” in this day in age! It will have you question your life, it’s meaning and direction – and give you pointers, words and advice on how you can – everyday – “Wake Up Happy”! Michael says he’s thankful and blessed each day to wake up and be in a business and position in his life where he can make the most of what he’s been given – and that’s a blessing. His words will really uplift and encourage.

No matter who’s “side” you’re on – Michael’s or Kelly’s – you will love this book! My advice? Buy it – read it – and recommend it to a friend!

Let me know what you think! Let’s read – learn – and discuss together!

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Let’s start reading…

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Happy Reading!


Chew This – BBQ Pineapple Chicken, Corn Pudding and Rice

Happy “Chew This” Sunday! As many of you know – I have a food column for “The Courier-Times” that appears twice a month – every other Sunday. I love doing it, and I have so many people that give me great feedback and unwavering support. Today’s column is all about southern style (and inspired) food – one of my favorite  cuisines! This column shares several recipes, and I really hope you’ll enjoy…

BBQ Chicken, Corn Pudding and Rice



Blaise the Baker: Book Club

Well – it’s official! The news has leaked out, so I’m going ahead with the announcement… I’ve reopened my “Blaise the Baker: Book Club” and I couldn’t be anymore excited! There’s been many of you who have written, called and requested that I reopen my book club (after I closed it late last year) and I really appreciated the feedback – and have been secretly dismayed ever since I made the “closing” decision. So – I’m happy to report that my book club is back up and open for business! I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey as we discuss, share, recommend and read great books! I can’t wait and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to make this a public group once again! Thank you all! #BlaiseTheBakerBookClub 

(And yes – still plugging away on my cookbook. I’ve been working on it forever – but I want it to be the exact way I had envisioned it from the beginning. Good things take time – so please be understanding. It warms my heart to know so many of you are there for me, supportive and have my back. Thank you!) ❤️


Chew This – Old-Fashioned Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Fudge Frosting

Happy “Chew This” Sunday! Please pick up a copy of “The Courier-Times” today – or become an online subscriber – and let me know what you think of my newest column! I am beyond excited to share this recipe with everyone. Every time I eat, or make, Devil’s Food cake – especially cupcakes – I think of my Great Grandma Flora. These cupcakes are a family favorite and I think they’ll quickly become a personal favorite for you as well. Try them – and let me know what you think. 

On a side note – send me an email and let me know YOUR “earliest” childhood memory and how old you were. I write in my column that in the photograph I was two years old – I may have actually been less than that. Maybe a year old!? True story – I remember. 

Old-Fashioned Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Fudge Frosting



Here’s a photograph that took place during one of MY earliest memories. I was less than two years old…

From left to right and down: Grandpa Junior, Brett Doubman, Jim Doubman, Troy Doubman, Flora Doubman, Barbra Doubman, Jamie Doubman and Blaise Doubman (me).