Blaise the Baker: Book Club Selection – WAKE UP HAPPY

I wasn’t going to officially “announce” my “Blaise the Baker: Book Club” selection until this Sunday, May 1st – BUT – with the book I’ve chosen – why wait!? He’s been getting a lot of media attention lately…

“Wake Up Happy” By: Michael Strahan is my first selection in my newly relaunched book club and it is FABULOUS and I’m highly recommending you all to read it! It’s upbeat, inspirational and meaningful… Something that I think is very “needed” in this day in age! It will have you question your life, it’s meaning and direction – and give you pointers, words and advice on how you can – everyday – “Wake Up Happy”! Michael says he’s thankful and blessed each day to wake up and be in a business and position in his life where he can make the most of what he’s been given – and that’s a blessing. His words will really uplift and encourage.

No matter who’s “side” you’re on – Michael’s or Kelly’s – you will love this book! My advice? Buy it – read it – and recommend it to a friend!

Let me know what you think! Let’s read – learn – and discuss together!

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Let’s start reading…

CLICK BELOW to buy the book, read more about the book, watch a video, read an excerpt from the book and listen to an audiobook excerpt –

Happy Reading!



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