Glen Oaks Health Campus

Awhile back I told myself that I would start doing “Blaise the Baker Business Reviews” – and start reviewing different businesses and restaurants. Well, as usual when a person makes plans, life got in the way and the idea never fully flourished. On my “Blaise the Baker” website I post recipes, cookbook reviews, giveaways, question & answer segments, and all kinds of other things. It is not just a place “for recipes only”. With this in mind, I would like to post and talk about my 2nd “business review”.

My first one for “The Original Good’s Candies” in Kennard, Indiana can be viewed here –

“Glen Oaks Health Campus”

My family and I absolutely love Glen Oaks Health Campus – Trilogy Health Services. Words can’t even begin to describe how patient, friendly, helpful, kind, caring, compassionate, loving and courteous the entire staff is each and every day to its residents and their visitors. The facility is really top notch and, as several of the residents say, “classy”. It is the best nursing care facility I have ever been in – and my family would agree. The entertainment they provide with activities, live entertainment, “happy hour” and parties are incredible. The food is even delicious – and they have a menu that would rival some of Indianapolis’ top hotel chains.

My family and I first got acquainted with the facility when my Dad’s Mom (my Grandma Barbra) was there last May 2015. She stayed until September 2015, when she returned back home. We none were sure of what to expect, and in all honesty, I was scared. I did not want her going to a nursing facility! I wanted her home! What was I going to do!? Well – let me tell you – my attitude changed once I started to get to know Glen Oaks and the wonderful staff. I still wanted her home – of course – but the people just blew my mind. So warm, friendly, thoughtful and caring! You could tell this was not just “a job” for them – but a passion.

Grandma Barbra had health issues that were monitored day to day, and were very serious and severe.

Glen Oaks did everything and anything they could to make sure my Grandma Barbra had what she needed – and even cared for me and the family that was there every single day to see her! It was pure light, pure love and pure joy. Without the staff at Glen Oaks I would have never made it through – and they 100% gave my Grandma Barbra her life back! The therapy team is BEYOND phenomenal – the Nurses – the CNA’s – everyone – wonderful!

Well skip ahead about a year and a few months, and my Mom’s Mom (my Grandma Deloris) started having trouble walking. Due to her insurance at the time, she was taken to a different facility (who shall remain nameless). We had a terrible experience there and it was within the first 48 hours of the facility that I decided – she HAD to be moved to Glen Oaks! My parents worked and worked on getting her insurance changed and getting things in order financial and business wise, to get her moved. Right after Christmas, first part of 2016, we transferred Grandma Deloris to Glen Oaks. It was not even 2 hours into “the big move” that my Grandma Deloris seen a difference. The place was nicer, the staff cleaner, the smell pleasant, the rooms clean, the lights bright and the staff kind and caring!

I will never forget when Grandma Deloris grabbed my hand and looked at me and said “Thank you for everything you do for me. You don’t know what it means. I love you”. I told her I loved her too – and held it together long enough to get out to my car – and then cried all the way home. She is so special to me. We have a long history of memories that we are now continuing to share through this journey together at Glen Oaks.

The therapy staff worked above and beyond with my Grandma Deloris. The Nurses, the CNA’s – everyone involved worked with patience and kindness and my family and I appreciated that more than they would ever realize.

Sure we have had bumps in the road, and Grandma Deloris (still) has her good days and bad days – but don’t we all? That is life.

Grandma Deloris is now a resident at Glen Oaks and my family and I could not be more thankful when the opportunity presented itself to us. We knew it was meant to be and we couldn’t pass on the chance.

It has been a few months now and my family and I (including Grandma Deloris) could not be happier with the situation. We know that we are lucky and have been blessed to be in such a top notch facility with staff that is not only kind, but loving, caring, compassionate, friendly and gives you the feeling of family within. And truly, they are like family to us. We love them. It is a great facility and my family and I are more than thankful.

If you are looking for a facility where you or a loved one might need extra help and healing, this is the place! I highly recommend it.

To learn more about Glen Oaks, please click here –



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