If you’re new – welcome!


🍪My name is Blaise Doubman and I’m a food writer and recipe developer. I’ve had my blog/website “Blaise the Baker” (http://blaisethebaker.com) for almost 2 and a half years. It’s a place where I share my recipes, inspired recipes, cookbook reviews, professional material, tips & tricks, International features, guest blog posts, book recommendations, my “favorite things” and more!

🍪I also write a bi-monthly (every 1st and 3rd Sunday) food column called “Chew This” for “The Courier-Times” newspaper. If you don’t live in the Henry County – Indiana area, you can see my column on their website with a subscription (http://thecouriertimes.com). I also post the links on my blog/website. If you’re interested in subscribing – please feel free to contact me – and I will walk you through the process. It’s easy – and simple!

🍪I also run a book club called “Blaise the Baker: Book Club” here – http://facebook.com/blaisethebakerbookclub. It’s a great place to share and discuss good books and thoughtful / interesting book news. I really enjoy doing it, and have really gotten a great response.

🍪Just recently I’ve also launched an online book store called “Blaise the Baker: Books for Cooks” that you can also find on Facebook or on the hashtag #BlaiseTheBakerBooksForCooks. It’s a place where cookbooks are bought, sold and shared – mainly through my partnership with eBay.

🍪I’ll attach a picture of my business card in case you have any other questions for me – baking questions – etc. The phone number listed is a number where you can “text Blaise the Baker” and ask anything – guaranteed response. So many people need help with baking, cooking or ingredients questions – and this is perfect! Restaurant recommendations, food orders – anything – ask away!

🍪I’m also very active on social media. You can find me here –







🍪Last – but certainly not least – THANK YOU all so much for your encouragement, dedication and steadfast support in everything I do on this journey. It means everything to me – and I couldn’t possibly be anymore appreciative and grateful. Thank you! And remember – “count the memories – not the calories.”



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