Cookbook Corner – Broth and Stock 

I have long been interested in broths and stocks so this is the perfect book for me! If you are a soup person, you need this book in your life! 

“Broth and Stock from the Nourished Kitchen” By: Jennifer McGruther

I needed this book in my life for many reasons. First reason, and maybe the most important, is that I have found myself running low on the soup cookbook area in my collection. I really don’t have that many books on “soups”. That is exactly what this one is, plus a whole section on the ins and outs of broth and stock. How many of you thought that broth and stock was basically the same thing? If you thought that – wrong! They are different, and used differently. 

This book shares plenty of interesting and mouthwatering recipes that you will want to try as soon as possible! There is the “Whole Chicken Broth” (page 28), “Chicken Bone Broth” (page 32), “Fish Stock” (page 37), “Shellfish Stock” (page 40), “Roasted Mushroom broth” (page 44) and “Kitchen Scrap Broth” (page 53). So, you many be wondering what exactly are you going to do with all of those delicious broths and stocks? Jennifer has you covered. 

There are several delicious recipes in this book that use the broths and stocks that are listed in the beginning of the book. Just some of the recipes are “Slow Roasted Salt and Pepper Chicken” (page 60), “Chicken Soup with Parmesan, rice, peas and lemon” (page 65), “Portable Soup” (page 93), “Black Bean Soup” (page 99), “Oxtail Soup” (page 108), “Pinto beans and ham hock” (page 116), “Pink Shrimp Chowder” (page 127), “New England Clam Chowder” (page 134), “Fresh Pea Soup with spring herbs” (page 157), “Roasted Tomato and fennel soup” (page 167) and “Potato and Onion Gratin” (page 171). 

Any of those sound delicious? I think they all do, and there are loads more recipes to choose from. 

I highly recommend this book to those who need a little more soup in their lives. 

To buy “Broth and Stock from the Nourished Kitchen”, please click here…

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