Blaise the Baker Book Club – Life of the Party 

I want to present my newest book club selection… 

“Life of the Party” By: Bob Kealing 

I read this book in about two days. It is the behind the scenes story of Brownie Wise – the actual original inventor of “Tupperware”. Never heard of her? Not too many people have! She was a single mom and creative inventor – not to mention savvy business woman – and then – poof! She vanished. She invented a way of life, the company took her name completely out of the “story” and cast her aside. Why? READ this book and find out! Fascinating…

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3 thoughts on “Blaise the Baker Book Club – Life of the Party 

  1. This interests me, Blaise. What an interesting find. I always say that selling my novels are like having a Tupperware party … only I just have two products. Did you learn any sales or marketing tips in this book that you can recommend for selling our books?

  2. Actually yes! Lots of inspiration comes from Brownie’s pure drive and determination to succeed – no matter what! She wanted her final product to match her original vision and it did! She was a smart woman. Very interesting read! It blows my mind to think that she started it all – and was basically pushed aside and hidden from the “newer investors”.

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