Cookbook Corner – Cooking for Jeffrey

I love Ina!

“Cooking for Jeffrey” By: Ina Garten

I could just save everyone a bunch of time and say – BUY. THIS. BOOK! Why? Because it’s Ina. Because it’s another fabulous “Barefoot Contessa” cookbook. What does that mean? All of these recipes are fully developed and tested to their full potential. She always – always – makes sure a recipe is fully tested and, basically, foolproof, before publishing. This book is no exception. It’s fabulous!

In the book you’ll learn more about Ina and Jeffrey’s relationship from beginning to now. You’ll discover even more “sweet moments” from their love affair together. It’s sweet, it’s sappy, and it’s Ina – it’s fun! There are sweet little bits by Jeffrey and you’ll learn that their relationship is a lot more complex than you might have originally thought.

The photos in this book are beautiful. The stories are precious. The recipes? Wonderful! Some of my favorite recipes that are in this book are her “Apple Pie Bars” – it’s like apple pie in BAR form – how fabulous is that!? Her homemade chicken stock also makes an appearance – as it does in every cookbook because it’s the basis of so many recipes. Also I loved the recipes she shares from her and Jeffrey’s earliest days together. I think many people will find those surprising – and delicious.

Can I talk about the vegetable recipes that are throughout the book? I’m always so thrilled when I find recipes that will actually want me to EAT the vegetables, instead of just push them around on my plate. The side dishes and vegetable dishes in this book are phenomenal! One of my personal favorites is her “Maple Roasted Carrot Salad”. This dish has made me LOVE maple roasted carrots! Who would have thought!? I also love her version of the popular “Kale Salad”. It’s mind blowing.

She also devotes an entire chapter to my favorite course – the BREAD and cheese group! Ha! It’s informative – it’s super smart and her advice and knowledge comes to no surprise to anyone.

First recipe to try? Try the brisket with the apple pie bars. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the apple pie bars. You’ve probably seen my photos on Snapchat. They are wonderful and perfect for Fall!

I highly recommend you preorder this book! To preorder, click here…

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