Chew This – Chocolate Banana Pudding

Happy “Chew This!” Sunday! Awhile back, I took a survey about what people would rather have – the classic, southern banana pudding – or – a chocolate version! Can you believe that not very many people had heard of the chocolate variety? How is this possible? Every time I make my chocolate banana pudding, people go crazy! This recipe makes enough homemade pudding for one large dessert, but can be easily doubled for parties or reunions. I do not use homemade vanilla wafers, but if you would like – find your favorite cookie recipe and use it in place of the boxed kind. This dessert is decadent and delicious! Can not wait to hear what you all think! Email me – 

ALSO – be sure to look today for my NEW feature, included in my column, called “Ask & Answer”! You ask the questions – I answer! Write to me your question / questions and your answer, and name, could be included in my next column! Really excited about this! 

Chocolate Banana Pudding




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