Chew This – Chocolate Banana Pudding

Happy “Chew This” Sunday! Awhile back, I took a survey about what people would rather have – the classic, southern banana pudding – or – a chocolate version! Can you believe that not very many people had heard of the chocolate variety? How is this possible? Every time I make my chocolate banana pudding, people go crazy! This recipe makes enough homemade pudding for one large dessert, but can be easily doubled for parties or reunions. I don’t use homemade vanilla wafers, but if you would like – find your favorite cookie recipe and use it in place of the boxed kind. This dessert is decadent and delicious! Can’t wait to hear what you all think! Email me – 

ALSO – be sure to look today for my new feature, included in my column, called “Ask & Answer”! You ask the questions – I answer! Write to me your question / questions and your answer, and name, could be included in my next column! Really excited about this! 

Chocolate Banana Pudding




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