Cookbook Corner – Cupcakes Forever 

I’ve often thought about going over my blog and deleting old posts (giveaways and giveaway winners) and updating the spelling and English in some of my earlier posts (some of my earlier posts were just not well spell checked) but I got to thinking – why? I would not change anything that has lead me to the current spot on the journey I am on – so leave them alone. So what if some sentences “run on and on” and who cares if some of my old giveaway posts are still visible? All the actual RECIPES are error-free and are 110% promised to work. That is what matters. The heart of my blog. The recipes. 

I have also thought about pulling back on my cookbook reviews – my “Cookbook Corner” features. But why? I love it and enjoy it. It is something that makes my blog different than the rest. There are thousands (probably millions) of people who are reviewing cookbooks online (and otherwise) and everyone is valued to express themselves and their opinions. Some of the cookbooks friends of mine review may not interest me (vegetarian, International, gourmet) and some of mine may not interest them. That is fine! There should be a wide variety of opinions and reviews for each cookbook. Not just one opinion, post or voice. 

On that note I would like to thank everyone for joining me here (there are SO MANY of you followers and subscribers – THANK YOU) and introduce you to my newest cookbook love…

“Cupcakes Forever: Delicious Recipes For Cupcakes With Love From Lola’s” 

This cookbook is fabulous! It is pocket size – about 1/4th the side of your typical cookbook but do not let the size fool you! This book is packed with delicious recipes for cupcakes and frostings. I have made several of the recipes from this book and easily one of my favorites is the cupcakes that are featured in the photos above. Their “Vanilla Cupcake” (page 24) and their “Basic Vanilla Buttercream” (page 20) are neither one “basic”. I have tried so many vanilla cupcake recipes and most of them fall flat. These, however, are flavorful, moist and deliciously vanilla.

The recipes are straightforward and easy to follow and the variety of flavors and flavor combinations are well welcomed. Just some of my favorites are…

“Red Velvet Cupcake” (page 35), “White Chocolate Cupcake” (page 44), “Blueberry Cupcake” (page 54), “Maple Syrup Cupcake” (page 73), “Rainbow Swirl Cupcake” (page 101), “High Hat Marshmallow Cupcake” (page 111), “Sticky Toffee Pudding Cupcake” (page 122) and “Banoffee Cupcake” (page 131). And those are just a FEW of the amazing and sometimes over the top cupcakes featured throughout. 

I have marked so many more recipes to try and I can not wait to share with everyone my results! If you love cupcakes you NEED THIS BOOK in your life! Trust me. It is filled with delicious recipes, mouthwatering flavor combinations, smooth and flowing writing and photographs. Truly a treasure of a book. 

To buy “Cupcakes Forever” click here –

The personal views and reviews of this blog are mine and mine alone. Any opinion or thought expressed are strictly my own. Shout out and special thanks to Ryland Peters and Small for this opportunity. More information can be found by emailing me your questions.



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