Blaise the Baker Recommends – My Life To Live

“My Life To Live” By: Agnes Nixon

As soon as I got this book I knew immediately who I was going to let read it next – my Grandma Barbra. This book is not really an “explosive” tell-all as much as it is a heartwarming look into Agnes Nixon’s life and career. I always feel oddly about reviewing books other than cookbooks because I am always worried I will give too much away. If you are a fan of soap operas and reading about TV icons and history you will want to read this book! Agnes was the creator of “All My Children” as well as “One Life To Live”. Behind the scenes stories, personal charm and witty writing are all inside plus so much more. Sadly, Agnes passed away last September but she lived and loved her full life to the limits. Read this book in her memory and find out what made one of TV’s first female icons tick from the inside out. A fascinating read. 

To buy “My Life To Live” click here…

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