Cookbook Corner – Chocolat

“Chocolat” By: Pierre Marcolini

It’s no secret that I LOVE anything and everything chocolate! So – can you imagine my love for this deliciously put together cookbook? 

There are so many recipes in this book I can not possibly list all of them – or even half of them in this blog post! Just trust me when I say that you will want to add this amazing cookbook to your collection if you love chocolate – great sophisticated recipes – and gorgeous photographs. 

There are sections from chocolate known areas of the world like Mexico, Brazil and Java that each include recipes of their own. There are sections in this book that you will want to tear out of the book – only to later frame them on your walls. Not that I’m recommending tearing apart this book – but seriously the photographs are exquisite! 

I love the stories that are told throughout and the “From Bean to Bar” section that is basically like a storyline tracing the cacao tree from birth to finished chocolate bar. I love how it talks about proper cooking techniques – storing techniques and techniques that will make your finished dishes soar above anything you’ve made before. 

Natural Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles – Natural Milk Chocolate – Crisp Milk Chocolate Praline Clusters – Black Sesame Seed Praline – Chocolate Soufflés – Ganache Filled Chocolate Cookies – Candied Lemon Peel Dipped in Chocolate – Soft Chocolate Caramel Candies – Chocolate Pastry Cream – Chocolate Marshmallows – Vanilla Scented Hot Chocolate and Praline Hearts. Those are just some of the interesting – complex and delicious recipes that fill this book. 

I highly recommend this cookbook to the chocolate lover and to the cookbook collector who can not resist a cookbook filled with great stories, recipes and photographs. 

To buy “Chocolat” click here…

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