Cookbook Corner – Kristen Kish Cooking – Recipes and Techniques

“Kristen Kish Cooking – Recipes and Techniques” By: Kristen Kish

If Kristen looks familiar to you, perhaps it is because you recognize her from being the winner on Bravo’s “Top Chef” in 2012. Her debut cookbook is filled with lots of recipes and professional techniques to get you going in the kitchen!

There are so many recipes that sound delicious I could not possibly list them all, so here is just a sampling –

“Braised Baby Potatoes” (page 53)

“Puffed Rice Cracker” (page 62)

“Charred Bean Salad” (page 82)

“Seared Lobster” (page 115)

“Rigatoni” (page 169)

“Cornish Game Hen” (page 207)

“Stuffed Cabbage Rolls” (page 235)

“Sour Cream Cake” (page 264)

How fabulous do those sound!?

I highly recommend this cookbook for fans of Top Chef and for those who are wanting to spread their creative wings in the kitchen. Very professional and very creative. A book that stands alone.

If you are interested in buying “Kristen Kish Cooking, please click here…

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