Thank you all so much for the orders for the second printing of my cookbook! This makes me so happy!!! If you’ve sent me a check I will have them all cleared by tomorrow evening. If I have sent you an invoice and you have any questions please let me know. Also be aware that you can purchase my cookbook at “Carousel Flowers and Gifts” in Shirley, Indiana and “The Book Nook” in New Castle, Indiana. Stay tuned for more locations to carry my cookbook – so exciting! If you would like to order directly from me – send $15 total ($12 for the cookbook and $3 shipping and handling) to Blaise Doubman – Box 47 – Kennard, IN 47351. If you order FOUR OR MORE the shipping and handling is free! You can also request I send you an invoice through or just send me a payment there at the email As always – contact me with questions and thank you all so much for the dedication and support!!!


The Book Nook! 

Guess what!? My cookbook, “Blaise the Baker Dessert First” is once again back in stock at “The Book Nook” in New Castle, Indiana! Stop by 1325 G. Ave. and pick up your copy TODAY! Call ahead at 765-521-2188. All copies available to purchase outside of my personal address are pre-autographed with my signature as well as Grandma Barbra’s and Grandma Deloris’. Thank you all again for the dedication and support!


Round Two 

Guess what!? My cookbook is OFFICIALLY IN ITS SECOND PRINTING!!! I’m so excited about this and want to say THANK YOU to all of you for your dedication and support! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought the first printing of my cookbook would have went so fast! It’s only been 6 months since it’s release and my stock has been depleted almost completely. “Blaise the Baker Dessert First” (in its second printing) will be officially available THE FIRST PART OF MAY! I’m still taking orders – and preorders – so GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY by sending $15 total ($12 for the cookbook and $3 shipping and handling) to Blaise Doubman / Box 47 / Kennard, IN 47351. Or pay online with PayPal at and use the email when sending money. Order 4 or more cookbooks and the shipping and handling is FREE! I’m so excited about this and can’t thank you all enough! Round two! Here we go!!!


3 Year Anniversary!!!

BLAISE THE BAKER IS 3 YEARS OLD TODAY!!! I don’t even really know what to say other than THANK YOU all so much for the continuous support and dedication! I have met so many incredible people along the way and I’m so thankful for you all. Without my followers, my “fans”, my friends and family – none of this would be possible. I’m so thankful and filled with joy when I look back on this amazing journey so far and all that has been accomplished.

When I first started this journey my goal was to just simply share recipes, tips and tricks with people that could use them and enjoy them. I wanted to share my family recipes, stories and memories. I wanted to be of help to those who needed it in the kitchen. I wanted to inspire people and get people cooking and baking again. I wanted to break the stereotypes that only women belong in the kitchen and that only women can bake. I wanted to encourage families to prepare meals together and to get back to sharing their lives around the family table. I’ve maintained the same goals throughout this journey and haven’t compromised on my original intentions.

Along the way I have had opportunities that I would have never dreamed. I’ve been featured on websites, blogs and in newspapers and magazines. I’ve had people reach out for interviews and photoshoots. I have the amazing opportunity to share with you all some of my most meaningful and deliciously heartfelt recipes in my food column, “Chew This!” that appears on the first and third Sundays of each month in “The Courier-Times”. A newspaper that I have loved, respected and admired since I was 7 years old and would visit the newspaper offices with my Grandma Barbra – dropping off an item to be printed in the next edition. A newspaper that I’m proud to be a part of and honored to be given the privilege of space and time.

Most bloggers look at their “performance numbers” daily. I try to make it a habit to never look at mine because to me – that’s not what it’s about. It’s not about “hits” or numbers, shares or likes. To me, it’s about being 100% authentic with who I am, what I make and what I decide to share. What’s important, to me, is that authenticity.

My blog has expanded over the years into cookbook reviews, book reviews, product reviews, global features, guest bloggers and other featured elements that I love sharing with you all! My blog will also be expanding in 2017 to include restaurant and bakery reviews – which I’m over the moon with excitement about!

Don’t get me wrong – there have been bumps and bruises along the way. Each bump in the road I’ve taken as a learning lesson and a valuable teaching experience. I’ve had book clubs, book selling sites and an eBay store with my “Blaise the Baker” name attached, but those have fallen away to not only simplify things but to mainstream what my “brand” is about.

One of the most amazing experiences that has happened from my 2nd year anniversary to my 3rd is the publication of my very first cookbook! My cookbook, “Blaise the Baker Dessert First” launched last September. I have been blown away by the responses from it! There have been a couple of new printings and very soon – another reorder / reprint is in store. I’ve had the most amazing accounts of people writing to me – texting me – emailing me – calling me – telling me how much they LOVE my cookbook! That makes me so incredibly thankful and so incredibly happy.

If you’re reading this and would like to purchase a copy – the price is $12 plus $3 shipping and handling. There are 200 total recipes along with tips, tricks and family memories and stories. It’s a work I am so proud of presenting to everyone. Simply send $15 total to Blaise Doubman / Box 47 / Kennard, IN 47351. Or pay online through Use my email – as a way to send the money. If you’re in the Henry County area, please stop by “The Book Nook” – where there are autographed copies to buy.

All in all – I’m so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had – and I’m so EXCITED for the opportunities that await in the future. Thank you all so much for being here with me on this journey. Thank you all so much for supporting me. Thank you all so much for the dedication, the feedback and the love. Most importantly, thank you for allowing me into your lives. You all mean so much to me!

Here’s to many years to come!!!

With all my love,

Blaise Doubman
“Blaise the Baker”

Recipe of the Day

It’s time!

I’m returning with my…

“Blaise the Baker Recipe of the Day”!

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Holiday Cookbook Orders 

Reminder: NEXT WEEK is the last week you can order my cookbook, “Blaise the Baker Dessert First” and have the delivery guaranteed before Christmas without paying any additional postage! To order simply send $15 total to Blaise Doubman – Box 47 – Kennard, IN 47351. You can also pay online through Select “send money to family & friends” and use my email – If you need any help or have any questions please send me an email. Thanks again!



Lots of people have been asking if I have any cookbooks left – YES! I do! I’m also reordering for the Holiday season to make sure everyone that wants a copy – can get a copy! Each copy will be autographed by my Grandma Barbra, Grandma Deloris – and myself – if you want! I’ve heard from so many people who have tried the recipes inside – and love them!!! This makes me so HAPPY! Thank you all! Ordering information – send $15 total ($12 for the cookbook plus $3 shipping and handling) cash, check or money order to Blaise Doubman / Box 47 / Kennard, IN 47351. You can also pay via PayPal. The email for you to send money to is – IF you order FOUR or more books – shipping and handling is FREE!!! Can I also say these would make FABULOUS Holiday gifts!? 

Blaise the Baker Dessert First Release 

TODAY is the OFFICIAL release date of my cookbook “Blaise the Baker Dessert First” and I am SO EXCITED and happy that I can finally share all of my hard work with everyone!!! I can officially add “cookbook author” to my resume and that alone brings such joy to me and makes everything on this journey worth it! My “food journey” has been a remarkable one and one that I am still on, pursuing all opportunities and learning more and more each and everyday and for that I am thankful.

I hope everyone enjoys my cookbook and enjoys the recipes and stories inside as much as I do and have the years I spent writing it. I hope you will keep my cookbook in your kitchen, use it frequently, think of me and create wonderful food memories with you and your family! Crease the pages, write inside and get it dirty! A cookbook that is well worn means that the recipes are well used and well loved and nothing could be a higher compliment to a cookbook author than seeing a well used cookbook. Trust me when I say, I have a few “well worn” cookbooks myself.

TODAY marks the end of one era and the beginning of another. Onward I will go with my journey but today is one of the many milestone moments that I will never forget. It makes me so emotional to think about.

My family has been with me through the thick and the thin of this and words will never begin to describe my thankfulness or gratefulness to them for everything they have done for me. My friends have kept me grounded and have been patient with my process and for that I am humbled. My “Blaise the Baker” fans and “Chew This!” fans are the BEST followers and fans a person could ask for. I love all of your messages, emails, texts, comments and shares. I read them all and respond to as many as I can and you bring reenergized life into me with every message. THANK YOU.

THANK YOU to all who preordered the cookbook. You should already have it in your hands by the time you read this message. I really hope you love it. I can officially say, that I AM REALLY HAPPY with how it turned out. I had a unique vision of what I wanted from DAY ONE and I can happily report that my vision stayed the same and the final outcome is exactly what I wanted. For that I am so proud.

There are SO MANY people to thank and those people are all listed inside of my cookbook. So many recipe testers, taste testers, supporters… It really does “take a village…” I am thankful for you all. Thank you for everything.

Interested in purchasing a copy!?

Send $15 check or money order (this INCLUDES shipping and handling) to Blaise Doubman / Box 47 / Kennard, IN 47351. Please include to whom you would like the cookbook autographed and a mailing address for shipping. IF you would like 4 or more cookbooks, I will drop all shipping and handing charges. You can also pay via PayPal. My account to be used is,

If for any reason you have ANY questions, comments or concerns (special requests, etc.) EMAIL ME and I would be happy to help the best I can.

There have been SO MANY people preorder my cookbook and I am just so grateful. To those who have ordered and to those who will order in the future – THANK YOU!

I will continue my journey food writing and recipe developing. PLEASE continue to follow my adventures on “Blaise the Baker” ( as well as my food column “Chew This!”, which I write exclusively for “The Courier-Times”. My food column is published in their newspaper (and online for those who subscribe) on the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s of every month. Also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat – all under the username “blaisethebaker”.

THANK YOU so much for everything!

“Blaise the Baker”


“Blaise the Baker Dessert First” will have 200 recipes divided up into 8 categories. The cookbook is called “Dessert First” because it literally STARTS with the dessert recipes FIRST, and walks you backwards throughout the course of your meal.

The categories are – in order –
Desserts / Cookies & Candy / Breads & Rolls / Main Dishes / Vegetables & Side Dishes / Soups & Salads / Appetizers & Beverages / This & That.

BEFORE the recipe section I have several pages of commentary including a section “About Blaise the Baker” as well as my thoughts and opinions on “Ingredients, Tools & Techniques”. And guess what? The book’s foreword is written by my Grandma Barbra!

Each and every recipe is accompanied by a “note” from me. Each “note” will tell a family story, history, recipe development process, etc.

The book contains 100 BRAND NEW recipes – never published anywhere ever before, along with some of my most popular blog recipes as well as some of my most popular, buzzed about and written about “Chew This” column recipes! In total, the book will contain 200 fabulous recipes!!!

AND your purchase of this book comes with a FREE e-book version!

What kinds of recipes can you find in the book!? Here are just a few!

“Turtle Cake” / “Hummingbird Cake with Thick Cream Cheese Frosting” / “Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake” / “Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie” / “Glazed Strawberry Pie” / “Individual Cheesecakes” / “Soft and Chewy Snickerdoodles” / “Blaise’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies” / “Applesauce Cookies with Caramel Frosting” / “Wicked Brownies” / “Grandma Barbra’s Divinity” / “Magical Fudge” / “Chocolate Puff Pastry Turnovers” / “Refrigerator Spaghetti and Sauce” / “Famous Tea Room Chicken Salad” / “Bolinger’s Ham Salad” / “Onion and Pepper Pasta Bake” / “Darla’s Old-Fashioned Meatloaf with Potatoes and Baby Carrots” / “Double Batch Lasagna” / “Homemade Pizza and Tomato Sauce” / “Black Pepper Corn Pudding” / “Potato Books” / “Baked Oysters” / “Broccoli Cheese Soup” / “Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad” / “Great Grandma Flora’s Corn Fritters” / “Family Salad Dressing” / “Lemon Curd” / “Maple Syrup” AND TONS MORE!!! review –

“Blaise the Baker – Dessert First!” review

My interview with Donna Cronk –

AND!!! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BTBdessertfirst when you post your photos, etc!

Thank you ALL for EVERYTHING


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🍪My name is Blaise Doubman and I’m a food writer and recipe developer. I’ve had my blog/website “Blaise the Baker” ( for almost 2 and a half years. It’s a place where I share my recipes, inspired recipes, cookbook reviews, professional material, tips & tricks, International features, guest blog posts, book recommendations, my “favorite things” and more!

🍪I also write a bi-monthly (every 1st and 3rd Sunday) food column called “Chew This” for “The Courier-Times” newspaper. If you don’t live in the Henry County – Indiana area, you can see my column on their website with a subscription ( I also post the links on my blog/website. If you’re interested in subscribing – please feel free to contact me – and I will walk you through the process. It’s easy – and simple!

🍪I also run a book club called “Blaise the Baker: Book Club” here – It’s a great place to share and discuss good books and thoughtful / interesting book news. I really enjoy doing it, and have really gotten a great response.

🍪Just recently I’ve also launched an online book store called “Blaise the Baker: Books for Cooks” that you can also find on Facebook or on the hashtag #BlaiseTheBakerBooksForCooks. It’s a place where cookbooks are bought, sold and shared – mainly through my partnership with eBay.

🍪I’ll attach a picture of my business card in case you have any other questions for me – baking questions – etc. The phone number listed is a number where you can “text Blaise the Baker” and ask anything – guaranteed response. So many people need help with baking, cooking or ingredients questions – and this is perfect! Restaurant recommendations, food orders – anything – ask away!

🍪I’m also very active on social media. You can find me here –







🍪Last – but certainly not least – THANK YOU all so much for your encouragement, dedication and steadfast support in everything I do on this journey. It means everything to me – and I couldn’t possibly be anymore appreciative and grateful. Thank you! And remember – “count the memories – not the calories.”


Guest Blog Post – There Will Be Pie

It is with my great pleasure to introduce Donna Cronk, a very talented friend of mine, in the writing of another “guest blog post” for my website. It is also with great pleasure that I announce her newest book, “That Sweet Place: At Home in the Heartland” to become my newest “Blaise the Baker: Book Club” selection. Welcome Donna!


Welcome to ‘That Sweet Place’: There will be pie

By Donna Cronk


A few days after my new novel, That Sweet Place: At Home in the Heartland, came out, I made a sugar cream pie for a pitch-in. My husband got more than he bargained for when he asked the question, “How did you get into sugar cream pies?”

I told him that it’s Indiana’s official state pie, that it’s the state’s bicentennial year, that the pie is on the cover of my book –and that Blaise Doubman created the pie recipe that’s featured in the book.

Blaise is not only a gifted baker and cook, he’s a talented food writer, and his column appears the first and third Sundays each month in the Neighbors (lifestyle) section of the New Castle(Indiana) Courier-Times. Just as the kitchen is Blaise’s domain, that section of the paper has been mine for nearly 27 years as its editor. I’m not so sure how we were fortunate enough to land Blaise, but I sure am glad we did.

Blaise is also an enthusiastic supporter of my work, and that included my first novel, Sweetland of Liberty Bed & Breakast,published two years ago. It’s about Samantha, who returns to her small Hoosier hometown and starts over. There are family recipes and scriptures that speak to the situations the characters find themselves in.

When I started writing the sequel, which includes a romance for Samantha, a new boarder, a new plot to get Samantha’s house from the conniving Ellen, and an unlikely but charming catalyst in the story, a dog named Reggie, I thought hard about what particular recipes I’d like to season into the story.

I raided the files of my own as well as my inherited family recipes, tried several, and even planned to use some that were eventually cut. It was important for me to know exactly where they came from and I had to be convinced that the family ones were original, or at least contained so many changes and updates that they had become new.

Since this is Indiana’s bicentennial year, I knew that I wanted to include a sugar cream pie recipe. I looked through some cookbooks and found one in my hometown church recipe book –but had no idea how to contact the person submitting it who had moved away many years before.

Then, a lightbulb went on. Of course! Ask Blaise! And he agreed to gift me use of his recipe! I’ve asked Blaise to do a post for my blog, at, telling how he came up with the recipe. I hope you’ll drop by and read it. 

Not only is it delicious, it is a perfectly orchestrated dish, the ingredients simple, the method foolproof. And the crust! If you are like many who shudder at the idea of creating your own pie crust, (why does that task continue to terrify home bakers?) the wait is over because it’s like having Blaise lean over your shoulder and gently walk you through it. And, shock of shock, it’s easy! 

Blaise has shared in my excitement over this book, and I was delighted to share with him the picture artist Marilyn Witt created of a delicious sugar cream pie on the cover. So with his permission, I gave him a cameo role in the book. 

There was one other recipe that I simply had to share with readers this go-around. It’s called Katherine’s Date Swirls. These cookies come from my Union County childhood when afamily friend in our church made these as a thank-you Christmas treat for my father, who was a farmer-school-bus driver. As a kid, I thought these were the best cookies I had ever eaten. And guess what? I still think that. The secret is using black walnut pieces.

I found the recipe in that same local church cookbook that I mentioned above, and called Katherine’s daughter, Pat Buell. Pat said her late mother would be delighted to know I am using her recipe and gave her full blessing for me to print it. I adapted the recipe a bit from how it was written, trying the recipe out a few times, and adjusted it accordingly for my own clarity, and hopefully yours. But let me tell you it is ALL-Katherine in taste and deed, and the cookies are one of those few things in life that taste exactly as I remember them.

Pat shared that these were her mother’s signature cookies. She was known for them, and they went all over the world—shipped by her mother to servicemen. Katherine hulled her own black walnuts, gathering the encased nut meats from trees on their farm. If you’ve never dealt with black walnuts from their source, let me tell you this is no easy task. With apologies to Pat and Katherine, I purchased mine from small bags in the grocery store on the baking aisle.

There are other recipes in the book, ones I would be glad to unpack in a future blog. Please know that the book is a novel with recipes—and not a cookbook with a story. Yet each of the recipes is part of the bigger overall picture, and I’ve seasoned them into the plot.

Here’s an idea: Why not host a book club and for the wrap-up party, have a pitch-in meal featuring the book’s recipes? And invite me. If you are meeting in Indiana, and I can possibly get there, I will gladly come and be happy to discuss the book with you. Maybe we can talk Blaise into coming too, who knows?

Meanwhile, consider picking up a copy. The print version is up on Amazon, the Kindle edition is coming any day now, copies will be available from me at The Courier-Times in New Castle on and after Monday, May 16, or email me for details on signing and mailing you a copy.

Meanwhile, put on the tea kettle, enjoy a cup of Twinings Green Tea with Lemon (my favorite flavor) or your own. Wouldn’t a slice of pie be just the thing with it?

Donna Cronk would love to hear from you. Contact her at Like her author Facebook page at Donna Cronk. Visit her blog at She has a program perfect for women’s groups of many kinds called “Bloom Before You Are Planted.” Ask her about booking a date.

Thank you again Donna for thinking of me in developing the sugar cream pie recipe in your book and for blessing everyone with your multitude of talents. It’s an honor and privilege to know you. -Blaise