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Guess what!? My cookbook, “Blaise the Baker Dessert First” is once again back in stock at “The Book Nook” in New Castle, Indiana! Stop by 1325 G. Ave. and pick up your copy TODAY! Call ahead at 765-521-2188. All copies available to purchase outside of my personal address are pre-autographed with my signature as well as Grandma Barbra’s and Grandma Deloris’. Thank you all again for the dedication and support!


Blaise the Baker Recommends – Notes on a Banana 

“Notes on a Banana” By: David Leite 

I can not tell you how much I love this book! It really struck a cord with me. I guess I was not expecting this book to hit so close to home but it really did in just about every way imaginable. David is a very talented writer and I am lucky enough to be able to call him one of my “Facebook friends”. I really admire him, his journey and now after reading this – his life. 

This memoir is not to be missed! I was lucky enough to score an advanced copy – and I am recommending everyone to preorder this book today! I have already placed my Amazon order – I can not wait to gift this to some of my friends and family. 

For the last several months – years maybe – I have been reading cookbooks like novels. Between this memoir and “Give A Girl A Knife” it has really opened my eyes to the world of food memoirs – a genre that I am really learning to love and appreciate. 

This memoir covers just about everything you can think of! Sexuality, family dynamics, food, love, lust, mental illness, acceptance, balance and so much more. And there is so many things that relate to me or to the people I have in my life. I love David’s philosophy on butter and cooking and I love his philosophy on love and how to love with all your heart. 

This charming, informative, personal and emotional memoir landed in my lap at just the right time. The depth of what is covered in this memoir can not possibly be covered in this short blog post so trust me when I say – PREORDER this book TODAY! Trust me. You will not be sorry. And buy a copy for your friend too. This is the perfect book for your local club book – so many wonderful discussions can be brought out in the open by this charming and frank memoir that has touched me so much. 

To purchase / preorder click below –


Blaise the Baker Recommends – My Life To Live

“My Life To Live” By: Agnes Nixon

As soon as I got this book I knew immediately who I was going to let read it next – my Grandma Barbra. This book is not really an “explosive” tell-all as much as it is a heartwarming look into Agnes Nixon’s life and career. I always feel oddly about reviewing books other than cookbooks because I am always worried I will give too much away. If you are a fan of soap operas and reading about TV icons and history you will want to read this book! Agnes was the creator of “All My Children” as well as “One Life To Live”. Behind the scenes stories, personal charm and witty writing are all inside plus so much more. Sadly, Agnes passed away last September but she lived and loved her full life to the limits. Read this book in her memory and find out what made one of TV’s first female icons tick from the inside out. A fascinating read. 

To buy “My Life To Live” click here…

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Blaise the Baker Recommends – Give a Girl a Knife 

“Give a Girl a Knife” By: Amy Thielen

I’ve had the extraordinary pleasure of getting an advanced copy of “Give a Girl a Knife” By: Amy Thielen and it is FABULOUS! I’m such a huge fan of her award winning and wonderful cookbook, “The New Midwestern Table” and this book is everything I expected – and then some! Amy is beyond talented when it comes to the kitchen and her talent for writing really shines through in this interesting and personal memoir. I love her family stories and memories – I love her view of food – I love her thoughts on recipe testing – BUT – I don’t want to give too much away, so just trust me when I say PREORDER THIS BOOK! I have so much respect and admiration for Amy and this book verified everything that I had heard about her willingness, hard work and dedication to life. Follow her journey from small town to big city – and back again. A glimpse into the lives of one of food’s biggest and brightest personalities. I loved this book and I really think you will too! Congratulations Amy!

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Blaise the Baker Book Recommendation – Red-Blooded American Male

I told myself that I would share book recommendations every once in awhile here on my blog, as well as on my Instagram and Facebook pages. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook under “blaisethebaker”. I don’t share ALL of my selections, but instead share certain selections that I think may bring someone interest, joy or escape. 

“Red-Blooded American Male” photographs by: Robert Trachtenburg

This book is a large coffee table book filled with photographs of what most people would consider to be the typical “red-blooded American male”. Once you start reading the text and looking at the stunning photographs, you will soon discover that these are not your typical “American male” photographs. There are celebrities, as well as models, who pose for photographs that tend to push the envelope on what “normal” really means. This is a collectors piece that needs to be shared and savored. What is normal? What’s it like to be male? What does being a male mean? These are just a few of the questions that run through your mind when flipping through this georgeous and glossy art book. 

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Blaise the Baker Book Club – Life of the Party 

I want to present my newest book club selection… 

“Life of the Party” By: Bob Kealing 

I read this book in about two days. It is the behind the scenes story of Brownie Wise – the actual original inventor of “Tupperware”. Never heard of her? Not too many people have! She was a single mom and creative inventor – not to mention savvy business woman – and then – poof! She vanished. She invented a way of life, the company took her name completely out of the “story” and cast her aside. Why? READ this book and find out! Fascinating…

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Blaise the Baker Book Club – The Fever

If you didn’t already know – I have my own book club over at Join us there! And guess what? I have another new selection! This book is huge in detail and great in commentary and descriptive details. You’ll feel like you’re living in this book…

“The Fever” By: Thomas Fenske

I am highly recommending this book for those who love action, adventure, history and a great book by a talented writer.

Click here for an interview with Thomas –

Author Interview: Thomas Fenske

Click here to buy the book, and for more information –

It’s even on YouTube!

AND guess what!? There’s a special promotion for the month of JULY where you can read the book for FREE!!! How!? Check out Thomas’ website for more information.

Happy Reading!

Blaise the Baker: Book Club Selections – The Cake Therapist and The Memory of Lemon

Hello everyone! I have an announcement to make – my newest “Blaise the Baker: Book Club” selection will be TWO book this time, and I’m so excited to share them both with you!

I’m highly recommending you check out – “The Cake Therapist” AND “The Memory of Lemon” By: Judith Fertig”! Both are wonderful reads, perfect for summer reading with plenty of memorable characters and storylines that will leave you thinking “what’s next!?” I really enjoyed both of these fabulous books, and I am positive you will too! For more information on these fabulous books check out –

And for a “behind the scenes” look – including a fabulous lemon pie recipe, click here –

Join us here –

Read on!

Blaise the Baker Book Club Review – The Witch of Lime Street

I ended my “Blaise the Baker Book Club” late last year, but I still get an outpouring of messages and emails wondering what I’m currently reading, and wondering what I would recommend. I’ve decided to slightly continue my recommendations without actually “having” a book club. Maybe I’ll reopen it down the road. Stay tuned…

Meanwhie, let’s discuss one of my most recent favorites…


“The Witch of Lime Street” By: David Jaher

I hesitate to post a review” of any novel because I don’t want to give anything away to those who have yet to read it – but with this, I will try. Let me start by saying that I LOVE this book. It has everything I look for when selecting a book… action, adventure, seduction, love, lust, mystery, intrigue and somewhat of a small, selection filled, body of history and truth.

I have always been interested in Harry Houdini. When I was in Elementary School, I rented out a book from the Library about the mysteries that surrounded Harry Houdini and his death. I remember reading that he had drowned, all chained up, in a stunt that failed with him in a box, water all around him, and no air (or chance) to breathe. Then I remember reading that someone had actually punched him in the stomach, on a dare, and had killed him! So many conflicting stories, and so many “mysteries” – it was very interesting to me at the time – and still today.

What really kept my facination going was what his passion was in life. Magic. Some of the magic tricks he performed was simply out of this world! I mean – who could make their way out of being chained up with fifteen different locks – or escape a tank filled with water, all the while, being blindfolded and locked in chains!?

This book takes all of the mystery, action and intrigue and presents itself in one of the most history filled and interesting books I have ever come across. The characters come alive and the era of glamour, jazz age and flappers come alive with vivid description.

Supernatural elements, psychic effects and spirit mediums tie in well with the already “magical” filled narrative. Just when you think you have figured everything out – there are more twists and turns that will not only leave you guessing – but wanting more.

Anyone who is a fan of Harry Houdini, and tales of mystery wrapped in a narrative filled with real life, historical references will fall in love with this book. I highly recommend it…

To buy “The Witch of Lime Street”, please click here…

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