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Guess what!? My cookbook, “Blaise the Baker Dessert First” is once again back in stock at “The Book Nook” in New Castle, Indiana! Stop by 1325 G. Ave. and pick up your copy TODAY! Call ahead at 765-521-2188. All copies available to purchase outside of my personal address are pre-autographed with my signature as well as Grandma Barbra’s and Grandma Deloris’. Thank you all again for the dedication and support!


Blaise the Baker Book Recommendation – Shaken 

A few weeks ago I closed my “Blaise the Baker: Book Club” and “Blaise the Baker: Books for Cooks” sections on my public Facebook page. I just didn’t feel the need for separate pages. Joining everything together into one cohesive page is more user friendly and follower friendly. There will be more changes in 2017 – trying to really streamline things and make other adjustments – and I’m really excited! I’m also working on a monthly newsletter and some email services. Stay tuned! 

I’m currently recommending –

“Shaken” By: Tim Tebow

I’m highly recommending this book to everyone I know! I’ve been a huge fan of Tim Tebow for years and with his second book, I’m now even a bigger fan. The book is all about how to bounce back from being “shaken”. 

It gives great advice, inspirational messages and personal detailed accounts of how he overcame obstacles in his life that have lead him to bigger and better things. It’s a quick read that you will want to read again and again. 

Take a highlighter with you on your reading journey because you’ll want to highlight some quotes and personal messages that you may find helpful in your day to day life. 

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They are here!!!

Guess what!? THE COOKBOOKS ARE HERE!!!!! I’m BEYOND EXCITED about this! Yes, I now have boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of cookbooks – and this time they’re all MY cookbooks! Written by ME! Hahaha Oh I just can’t believe this. It’s a surreal moment for sure. I’ve spent SO MUCH TIME and ENERGY on this and it’s FINALLY HERE! These will need prepared before shipping (autographed) and off they’ll go! Thank you so much to everyone who’s preordered! Thank you thank you! There’s still time to order! Send $15 check or money order to Blaise Doubman / Box 47 / Kennard, IN 47351 OR pay via PayPal. Select “send money to family and friends” and use the email – If you want 4 or more copies – I’ll drop the shipping and handling charges. 

Here we go!!!


Blaise the Baker: Books for Cooks

I’m so excited to announce something I’ve been working on for awhile now! My very own online bookstore! “Blaise the Baker: Books for Cooks” can be found through my Facebook pages, as well as under the hashtag #BlaiseTheBakerBooksForCooks. More information will be provided in the coming weeks, as well as books being posted for sale. Most of the sales – if not all – will be with my partnership with eBay. I’m so excited about this and hope you’ll join me on this new journey!


Blaise the Baker: Book Club Selections – The Cake Therapist and The Memory of Lemon

Hello everyone! I have an announcement to make – my newest “Blaise the Baker: Book Club” selection will be TWO book this time, and I’m so excited to share them both with you!

I’m highly recommending you check out – “The Cake Therapist” AND “The Memory of Lemon” By: Judith Fertig”! Both are wonderful reads, perfect for summer reading with plenty of memorable characters and storylines that will leave you thinking “what’s next!?” I really enjoyed both of these fabulous books, and I am positive you will too! For more information on these fabulous books check out –

And for a “behind the scenes” look – including a fabulous lemon pie recipe, click here –

Join us here –

Read on!

Blaise the Baker: Book Club Selection – WAKE UP HAPPY

I wasn’t going to officially “announce” my “Blaise the Baker: Book Club” selection until this Sunday, May 1st – BUT – with the book I’ve chosen – why wait!? He’s been getting a lot of media attention lately…

“Wake Up Happy” By: Michael Strahan is my first selection in my newly relaunched book club and it is FABULOUS and I’m highly recommending you all to read it! It’s upbeat, inspirational and meaningful… Something that I think is very “needed” in this day in age! It will have you question your life, it’s meaning and direction – and give you pointers, words and advice on how you can – everyday – “Wake Up Happy”! Michael says he’s thankful and blessed each day to wake up and be in a business and position in his life where he can make the most of what he’s been given – and that’s a blessing. His words will really uplift and encourage.

No matter who’s “side” you’re on – Michael’s or Kelly’s – you will love this book! My advice? Buy it – read it – and recommend it to a friend!

Let me know what you think! Let’s read – learn – and discuss together!

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Let’s start reading…

CLICK BELOW to buy the book, read more about the book, watch a video, read an excerpt from the book and listen to an audiobook excerpt –

Happy Reading!


Blaise the Baker: Book Club

Well – it’s official! The news has leaked out, so I’m going ahead with the announcement… I’ve reopened my “Blaise the Baker: Book Club” and I couldn’t be anymore excited! There’s been many of you who have written, called and requested that I reopen my book club (after I closed it late last year) and I really appreciated the feedback – and have been secretly dismayed ever since I made the “closing” decision. So – I’m happy to report that my book club is back up and open for business! I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey as we discuss, share, recommend and read great books! I can’t wait and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to make this a public group once again! Thank you all! #BlaiseTheBakerBookClub 

(And yes – still plugging away on my cookbook. I’ve been working on it forever – but I want it to be the exact way I had envisioned it from the beginning. Good things take time – so please be understanding. It warms my heart to know so many of you are there for me, supportive and have my back. Thank you!) ❤️


Blaise the Baker Book Club Review – The Witch of Lime Street

I ended my “Blaise the Baker Book Club” late last year, but I still get an outpouring of messages and emails wondering what I’m currently reading, and wondering what I would recommend. I’ve decided to slightly continue my recommendations without actually “having” a book club. Maybe I’ll reopen it down the road. Stay tuned…

Meanwhie, let’s discuss one of my most recent favorites…


“The Witch of Lime Street” By: David Jaher

I hesitate to post a review” of any novel because I don’t want to give anything away to those who have yet to read it – but with this, I will try. Let me start by saying that I LOVE this book. It has everything I look for when selecting a book… action, adventure, seduction, love, lust, mystery, intrigue and somewhat of a small, selection filled, body of history and truth.

I have always been interested in Harry Houdini. When I was in Elementary School, I rented out a book from the Library about the mysteries that surrounded Harry Houdini and his death. I remember reading that he had drowned, all chained up, in a stunt that failed with him in a box, water all around him, and no air (or chance) to breathe. Then I remember reading that someone had actually punched him in the stomach, on a dare, and had killed him! So many conflicting stories, and so many “mysteries” – it was very interesting to me at the time – and still today.

What really kept my facination going was what his passion was in life. Magic. Some of the magic tricks he performed was simply out of this world! I mean – who could make their way out of being chained up with fifteen different locks – or escape a tank filled with water, all the while, being blindfolded and locked in chains!?

This book takes all of the mystery, action and intrigue and presents itself in one of the most history filled and interesting books I have ever come across. The characters come alive and the era of glamour, jazz age and flappers come alive with vivid description.

Supernatural elements, psychic effects and spirit mediums tie in well with the already “magical” filled narrative. Just when you think you have figured everything out – there are more twists and turns that will not only leave you guessing – but wanting more.

Anyone who is a fan of Harry Houdini, and tales of mystery wrapped in a narrative filled with real life, historical references will fall in love with this book. I highly recommend it…

To buy “The Witch of Lime Street”, please click here…

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Cookbook Corner – My Pantry

I love Alice Waters, and I love this book…

My Pantry Blaise the Baker Cookbook Corner

“My Pantry” By: Alice Waters

If you are a fan of anything Alice Waters, you need this book added to your collection! It is a short, small, but beautiful collection of stories, recipes and illustrations that I am adding to my “must list” of 2015. As the year draws to a close, this book is something that you will want to squeeze into your “yearly cookbook budget” – that is – if you have one…

This isn’t your typical “cookbook”. It is “homemade ingredients that make simple meals your own” – taken right from the cover. It’s a detailed, and often times transpiring, look at “homemade” ingredients that are guaranteed to turn your meals from normal to spectacular.

The book is divided up into the following sections…

Spice Mixtures and Condiments, Nuts, Beans and Other Legumes, Savory Preserves, Whole Grains, Preserved Fish and Meat, Cheese and Sweet Preserves.

Just a sampling of some of the recipes included are…

“Cumin Salt” (page 18), “Red Wine Vinegar” (page 22), “Slow-Roasted Nuts with Sage Leaves” (page 30), “Almond Milk” (page 34), “Chocolate Nut Bark” (page 36), “White Bean Crostini” (page 43), “Lentil Soup” (page 46), “All Purpose Pickling Brine” (page 57), “Quick Garlicky Dill Pickles” (page 60), “Dried Fig Leaves” (page 63), “Corn Tortillas” (page 68), “Fanny’s Superfood Granola” (page 72), “Oat Pancakes” (page 78), “Salted Fish” (page 88), “Ricotta” (page 109), “Yogurt” (page 112), “Raspberry Syrup” (page 120), “Candied Citrus Peel” (page 124), “Crab Apple Jelly” (page 128) and “Vanilla Extract” (page 134).

I am highly recommending this book for beginners and experts alike. The small chunks of recipes really add to the overall flavors of the dish you are preparing, while some of the recipes even stand alone on their own – developing your taste into something trans-formative that you will want to make again and again.

You will want to sit and read this entire book in one sitting – and then get up and cook from it.

To buy “My Pantry”, please click here…

The personal views and reviews of this blog are mine and mine alone. Any opinion or thought expressed are strictly my own. Shout out and special thanks to Blogging for Books for this opportunity. More information can be found by emailing me your questions.


Book Club Selection – Born Round

I’m so excited to be announcing my third “Blaise the Baker Book Club” selection! So far, I’ve had such a HUGE outpouring of love and support for this new project, and I couldn’t be anymore thankful and grateful. Thank you.

This selection is one of my all-time favorite books! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this book, and each time, walked away with something different from it. Frank is a fabulous writer, and a great storyteller.

You will fall in love with this book – and I highly recommend you spread the word about this to your family and friends!

My third “Blaise the Baker Book Club” selection is…

Born Round Blaise the Baker Book Club

“Born Round” By: Frank Bruni

I fell in love with this book from the first chapter. It’s the story about Frank and his life and love affair with food. It’s a fun, fast-paced read that you will want to devour all in one day. And then you’ll want seconds.

It’s about life, food, restaurant and food reviews and what goes into them – and so much more. Follow Frank’s journey from being “born hungry” (I too, Frank – I too…) to his struggles with food, and the obsessions that can come along with it. Loving food isn’t easy – I’m here to tell you, and Frank really tells some “hard truths” in this book about weight issues, obsession issues and compulsions.

Buy “Born Round” here…

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